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  1. Really like this article. I think Danville will be just fine. They are well coached, have momentum and some key returning pieces.
  2. Not sure about invites but I believe the 10 are set. I am sure there were some who were invited but had other commitments, etc..
  3. Luke Duby from Tates Creek has been added.
  4. Pretty sure Carr is no longer a part of his team.
  5. Joey Cambron of Davies County has been added. Looks like Coach Lefors is adding a player a day. I believe there were 12 total last year.
  6. I was told he was no longer on the team at CAL.
  7. Have heard this event is happening again this year. Anyone know the list of players?
  8. They lost a quite a bit more than just 1 player. They lost significant portions of their d line and o line, best linebacker, and all running backs with experience. That being said, they did "add" some pieces from other schools but I don't think they are going to close the 30 plus point gap with Scott County. I do think the gap will close some, but still see SC winning pulling away. SC lost their qb and a few others but return a bunch of starters and should not miss a beat. I also think FD will be challenged in the city this year more than last.
  9. This is actually not true. If it is determined to be for athletic reasons then it is not permissible and he would be ineligible.
  10. They send their kids there now and they don't offer football. Not everyone sends their kid to a certain school for athletics, some do consider academics, student to teacher ratio, connections, and various other opportunities. Adding football will help Sayre get those that were already considering it but wanting to play football. I have 1 son that graduated from Sayre and another that would have gone to Sayre but didn't because he wants to play football.
  11. No I am not saying that. I responded "nonsense" to what I see as nonsense. Do you really believe no other schools in the Louisville area wanted him and /or would take him? Great young man with a bright future.
  12. Key statement...."if they follow the rules". Most don't follow the rules because it typically involves a substantial change. Your original post indicated that they should be able to transfer anytime. By the way, there is nothing immediate about the process. It is cumbersome at best.
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