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  1. Towles on sideline today with a huge brace on right elbow. Heard he has a staph infection. Does this almost guarantee a red shirt year?
  2. The new field has to finish settling and the infield to "harden" up. It has been to wet to roll and you can cause more damage by playing on it too soon. Like a fine wine, it needs to age a bit.
  3. It is only 14 feet in high school. It doesn't cover the entire bench area for any high school in any gym in the state.
  4. It is the 5th largest school this year. http://khsaa.org/reports/enrollments/20122013schoolenrollmenttotalsbyenroll.pdf
  5. There was no doubt that the ball left Johnson's hand at the end of regulation before the light went off on the backboard.
  6. A number of years ago my little brother was playing in a 8-9 year old league. There was a large older woman behind the backstop just screaming for the first couple of innings. The umpire walked back to the screen between innings and quietly showed the woman his badge (off-duty police officer) and told her if she wasn't quiet the rest of the game he was going to have her arrested for disturbing the peace. She was quiet for about a week and everytime he wasn't there she was back to her normal obnoxious self.
  7. Betting the heat idex will be closer to 120-125 if ambient temperature is 100.
  8. Hard throwing ace has torn lambrum and limited to DH status.
  9. Son, are you ready to be the next sacraficial lamb?
  10. I have seen your work don't change anything lol. I shoot about 90% of the time in Av and the rest in manual mode.
  11. We'll find out on Oct 7 at J-town when they host John Hardin
  12. 95 Chevy K2500 with 271,500, bought it new and the wife said get what you want, my reply is what is the catch? You have to keep it until the youngest graduates college, she was 2. Freshman at Georgetown so 4 more years. Other vehicles we have 202,000, 133,000 and 93,000. We upgrade to the 133,000 when we got rid of the van with 200,000 on it. Cost too much to buy new, drive them till they drop!:ylsuper:
  13. I am friends with an AP photographer and they do have have all the cutting edge gear but these guys and gals can flat out shoot pictures. They could take a low end point and shoot and make great pictures. Part of it is they are well educated and the other part is all they do is take pictures. You do it enough times you get good or you are gone. Listen to a pro and they can can make any adjustment to the camera without pulling it down to see what they are doing. By the way Panda great shots at the beach volleyball...
  14. Shoot some pictures in green mode and see what settings the camera uses, then experiment. Put the camera in Tv mode and see what changing the shutter speed does, then shoot in Av and see what changing the aperature does. The dusk pictures problem is the camera thinking too much. Flash is going to give you a black background with the subject lit and without flash and no adjustments the background light reading is making the subject too dark. No film to develop so shoot away. All the information is imbedded in the picture. Look at them on the computer not the little 3" screen on the camera when making comparisons. PS understand what the ISO means too.
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