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  1. This game should never have been started. With the temperature at 104 and heat index much higher someone should have stepped up and called the game. It's a game that can be played at a later date or time , or it's not the end of the world if it not played at all.
  2. I do not think this is about how "tough" you are, to me it's about how "smart" you are. Yes, his dad does help coach the team but that does not change MO one bit. Just because we did it when we were kids (and I did) does not make it a smart thing to do.
  3. I hope nothing happens to any other kid, coach , or umpire, cause I know as a person I could not live with myself knowing I could have prevented something and did not do it!
  4. Teegarden was kept in the hospital over night and was given "8" IV's of fluid, he is feeling a lot better today and will be going home. I made him promise me he would not play any more this week or weekend and he had better keep his word. I now have heard of other kids with the same thing happenig to them, also umpires going down. Folks, this is a very serious thing and all precautions should be taken! Note to all the coaches, if you think the games have to be played then get your gloves and bats out and have at it, but leave the kids at home.
  5. Yesterday I saw kids playing ball in the middle of the day with temps at 100 or above, and my grandson was one of them. (Doug Teegarden) He had to be taken to the emergency room for fluids, this is "stupid", where is the common sense with parents,coaches, umpires, and tournament directors? "NO BALL GAME IS WORHT A KIDS LIFE" SO PLEASE CALL THESE GAMES OFF TODAY AND TOMORROW WHEN THE ITS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOVE 100. Do not leave it up to the kids, someone with some common sense should step up and make the call before its too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I was not watching any game as being older I do have a little common sense.)
  6. Has anyone said who if anyone was picked besides Downs to play in the senior KHSBCA all-star game? Also, who were the players picked on the NKYBCA 9th all- region team? Do not recall seeing list for region players or district players.
  7. Sorry I forgot to list the 10th region: 2nd team: Martin - Harrison Co. Honorable mention: Hill - Harrrison Co, N. Verst & Norton - Brossart, McQuerry - Clark Co. (Not sure of all the schools isn the 10th, hope I did not miss anyone.
  8. The following were selected to the 2012 All-State teams: 2ns team: Teegarden - Boone Co. 2nd team: Lankheit - CCH Honorable mention: Maile - CCH, Cain - NCC, Clarkson - Ryle, Downs - Ryle Congrats to all.
  9. Just do not know what else to call it. What are the merits to be POY, if not stats then what. IMO what the TOG is telling me is that Lankheit should be voted CCH, MVP, not sure about region POY.
  10. "POLITICS" at which CCH seems to be very good at! Still no answer as to who voted on this award?
  11. First of all let me say I think Mr. Lankeit is a very good ball player and I do not mean to say anything bad about him he has earned my respect from watching him play the last 3 years. As Clyde asked above who voted on the POY award ? I have to speak up for my grandson in this matter, sometimes the people who vote on these matters do not have all the facts or they do not look, I don't know so I will supply some stats for everyone to see on behalf of doug Teegarden: G - 35 INN - 245 PA - 132 AB - 85 R - 42 1B - 29 2B - 6 3B - 2 HR - 4 RBI - 37 BB - 37 (YES THIS IS CORRECT, NEW SCHOOL RECORD, hard to get hits when teams do not pitch to you) SF - 3 SAC - 5 SO - 5 (3 CALLED, 2 SWING) HBP - 6 SB - 15 OBP - .641 SLG .741 AVG - .482 FIELDING % .959 PITCHING - W2, L1. S1 - ERA 2.12 (LIMITED BY DOCTORS) Doug works and plays the game as hard or harder then any kid in the game. I do not know what the people who voted for this award looked at but I believe these stats are very impresive. Just had to show this, everyone can judge for themselves, and or make any comments they wish it will not change my feelings one bit, Doug will be my "POY" every year . Thank you.
  12. I believe there were some throwing errors during these plays. I thought the ball in the first inning took a bad bounce, did not see the fielder thouch the ball, I could have missed it not sure.
  13. Yes, the doctors tod him not to pitch anymore, believe me if he could pitch he would have. There is a big difference in throwing 10 to 15 balls from short then throwing as many as pitching requires. He has a good future ahead of him and no reason to have it all taken away by throwing his arm away. I think over the years he has proven himself in all aspects of this "game". All these kids will wake up in a few days and realize they have just finished something they did not know how much fun they were having and that there is a lot more to life then this "game" called baseball. Good luck to alll of them, in this day and age they will needd it!
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