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  1. If they ever have one and Owen County is there, watch out. Not sure how they get that many people in there.
  2. Frenchy DeMoisey from Walton played at UK. All- American for Rupp. His Dad was Baptist preacher in Walton. Brother also played at UK.
  3. One4One

    Sky diving

    My daughter got me this for Christmas. We went to the same place and loved every minute of it. I did get suckered into buying both videos by the wife. An experience you will never forget and hard to explain the rush.
  4. If a kid transfers for athletic reasons, I've lost all respect for them. Plus I'm NOT a fan of Walton either!!!!
  5. I saw the pictures of that one
  6. So they outlasted those other teams, not even close to being even. I just can't believe you just said that.
  7. It's no different then wanting your least favorite college team to lose. I just happen to speak my mind, when most people just crawl under a rock
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