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  1. Believe it or not, Sam was a nice Bump and Run Corner Back when he played at Holmes.....I wish him well at BC........
  2. If you like gate money, I would play them both and drop Seneca........:popcorn:
  3. The Wood has never left in my opinion, They had a stretch when they could not get passed Mayfield in several Final 4 match ups; however, since Mayfield moved to 2A, The Wood has gone 500 in the title game.......
  4. I agree......Talent does not have a Grade Level assignment.....:taz:
  5. The Birds will have tough time adjusting to the South Dixie Hwy atmosphere.....The Dragons have to Flip the Field Position, or the Birds will return to Northern KY for Round 2.......:popcorn:
  6. I totally agree. It was Phillip Hawkins who was hired at Doss in 2014, and his top assistant at Westport Middle Carlo Stallings was just hired at Moore High School....
  7. Point Production, and The ability to play Defense when you have the Ball....This is done by Time Management, and not giving up points to the oppositions Defense.......
  8. i would rest them as well if I had to face the Defensive Heat thats being Applied by The Panthers......:taz:
  9. Who will the home team be in this match up?
  10. This is a Big Time Mis Match; however, The Durty 30 still have some things to perfect in order to reasch the Regional Finals.......
  11. Roger that Eye in The Sky....Im heading West to Male and The XMen, orders have already been sent to The Panthaz....I will check back in Post Game......:thumb:
  12. Eye in The Sky, where should I collect my 1792 Ridgemont Reserve? Will you be at this one?
  13. Eye in The Sky, I never thought you would agree.
  14. C'mon Now...I know The Hounds are much improved, and I know that The Panthaz are a little short handed. However, Guerrilas are Trained much differently than Othrodox Soldiers, and The Durty 18 Expect to win, while Paris is hoping for a win........:sssh:
  15. Injuries are a part of the GAME, so quit trying to TROJAN Horse The LCA Fans......:lol:
  16. Always has since 2007.....Cards and Tigers are still the Kings of The CLASS....
  17. C'mon Man....THE Durty 30 never Blames it on The Rain.....Great Job by the Flyers of Securing Victory........
  18. Yes they did, they won 1 versus Woodford County when Tracey was the Head Coach......
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