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  1. Kid from Daviess is really good...he would take a contender to a real title chance.
  2. Correct film says it all. These are "highlights" and he appears to be a very average HS QB. Long throwing motion forces his WR's to often wait on the ball rather than being on time. Throws a decent deep ball. Struggles on roll out passes and doesn't square his shoulders to his target, often making the ball low and away. Has potential, but lucky to be at Woodford where he can be a starter. Couple more off-seasons in the weight room and working with a QB coach will do wonders for the kid.
  3. A "full ride" has nothing to do with a full athletic scholarship. I have had 22 athletes in 15 years get "full rides" to NAIA schools. When they combine academic, athletic, grants, and special scholarship money tons of NAIA kids get "full rides". So, you don't have to be all that "special" to get a free education if you have done everything else off the field to get it.
  4. Understands Louisville recruiting landscape, great football mind, won everywhere he's been, spent most of his career in 6A, well respected in the coaching frat...I would say he brings quite a bit to the table. IMO.
  5. I know the rhetoric is "work harder", but that formula certainly makes things interesting. I think if we did that, 4 or 5 classes would probably be ideal. Just my opinion.
  6. You're worth whatever someone is willing to pay you. I don't think there is a "too much" tag that can be put on the value an entity has for your services no matter how absurd we think it can be. Reality is a football coach often puts more time in than anyone else in the district. They should certainly be paid accordingly.
  7. Seniors only, and Louisville has won all but 1 or 2 I think. Someone correct me if Im wrong but I think the first game was played in 2009 or 2010 and has been played every year since.
  8. 2 HOF coaches lining their ball clubs up for the semi's...is there anything better?? Should be a great game!
  9. Still one of my favorite memories, practice on Thanksgiving is just special.
  10. I think the big issue will be if Glasgow can slow down the Danville offense. Hope this turns into a great ball game.
  11. Had to slow down and read this, typing like you speak isn't recommended. You're right and wrong on several accounts. All of those years in the mid 2000's John had nearly double the enrollment, and that is the biggest issue. Being under 800 students limits the crop greatly. I know they had several former players comeback and talk to the kids at practice, I would say that is welcoming and respecting the tradition. Witherspoon quit last year before the playoffs, so this is kind of a trend for him. He wouldn't have been able to finish the year anyway due to eligibility and I will leave it at that. John has lost to North 3 of the last 4 years (again, the enrollment issue). They have 1 senior that I am aware of getting any college looks, and that is Livers...he had about the same year he had last year, so the talent you mentioned is really just in your head. John WAS shut out last year, and you are correct, it wasn't at home but on the road. John isn't used to being put out in the first round...agreed, gotta get bigger and stronger and a recent hire will help with that this off-season. Turnovers were a downfall this year. 35 or 36 on the year...I think is what I read. That is the big issue. This whole "some kids this some kids that", is usually the banter of the quitters or parents of quitters. Not a single kid has transferred, nor will any, in fact some that didn't play have told coaches and other kids they want to come back out. Discipline is much better, look at the reduction in personal fouls, school referrals...etc. All are improved, in fact I read in the paper during the season several were benched for violating team rules (rare occurrence at John). As for kids being suspended for bucking the system, THAT IS DISCIPLINE. You can't buck the system. In fact, a small handful were dismissed for this. I will say it one more time...Harness DID NOT contact the head coach about joining the staff. I can say with 100% confidence he would have been welcomed with open arms. Offensively they were better than they were last year in yards per game per KHSAA, but the turnovers can really limit how many you score (they averaged about 1 TD less per game). But the bold stood out to me the most, are you one of the ones that didn't get recognized? Or was it your son? I love reading the angry parent posts, those always make me laugh most. Especially from people who join a chat board just to dog a program (no pun intended). If you wanna grind an axe, go for it, this is certainly the place!
  12. They beat BG, so I would assume they have a chance. I hope its a good ball game!
  13. I don't think CH can score. T gets the running clock, but it maybe 3rd quarter. CH will just try to grind the time off and die slowly.
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