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  1. Fieldhouse is awesome. Fantastic venue and great concession stand. But there’s something about the Roy that just grabs me a bit more...even though my Neers have a hex on them there!
  2. Dixie definitely a program on the rise. Nice wins last night. Congrats on a nice start. Lexi Held from Cooper such a nice player. Does a little bit of everything.
  3. SK played tough down the stretch and was in a good position to win the bout. Niece was awesome down the stretch scoring like last 13 points. Not sure why when Etown coach saw the punches, elbows and technicals, that he put her back in. I know why, winning was more important than teaching lessons. Disappointing For sure. I wonder if she would have been suspended for had she received a second t ? As far as home cooking goes, It was embarrassing. Have to believe there's no way those guys will be in Highland Heights. On a positive note, the preschool class that sang the national anthem before the game was awesome. Well done
  4. JC is playing like a senior should at this time of the season. He made good decisions with the ball and his team looked for him when they got into trouble. Well done. I'm a SK guy but really thought Holmes had some bad calls against them at inopportune times. Holmes coach comes out challenging stuff that doesn't need challenged and then that rolls into two bench T's in a matter of minutes. That certainly didn't help their cause with subsequent calls. Dogs didn't quit though; SK would roll to a 14-16 point lead and Holmes cut it to a 2 possession game. Pretty solid effort from them on senior night.
  5. Fun game to watch. CovCath the more talented and the better team on the scoreboard last night. But, SK is a talented team as well and it is finally starting to show in the final result of their games. Pioneers getting guys to play within their roles/strengths on the offensive end and I like what they've been doing on the defensive end. Should make for an interesting 32nd tourney. Like someone said earlier, can't imagine a better 4 seed in any district. I only see CovCath a couple of times a year but I sensed a frustration with them last night that I don't usually see; both the coaches and players. Not sure if it was a disbelief that they couldn't bury a team with some bad quality L's or the fact that they weren't playing well....or maybe it was the fact that they weren't used to the 8th Region referees. Actually wasn't called all that bad compared to what I've seen in the 8th but that didn't show in their faces and reactions. That certainly didn't help their cause with the stripes with subsequent calls. On the cursing front; I don't condone but unfortunately it has become a coaching style of many. I don't often hear it screamed across a gym like that but if you get close to most benches, you are going to hear it. Wouldn't throw too many stones at that glass house. Best of Luck to both teams.
  6. Granted there are only 4 frames here but the flagrant foul on this was a joke. Ohmer's off balance air routines often have him hitting the deck.
  7. Fun game to watch. SK kids played hard especially on offensive glass. Mason kids really got after it on the press. In the end, free throw shooting for SK was a big difference in the game. Not sure what they shot but it couldn't have been 50%. Surprised by small crowd from Mason County fans.
  8. I purchased tickets for three different sessions. The arena is first class for basketball; Diddle is nice but I don't think it is as nice as NKU. Promotion might have bolstered the attendance but the attendance didn't affect our experience of going and supporting the tourney. *Parking was a breeze and reasonable- better than WKU, *tickets affordable ($11 vs the $18 for boys tickets that I see online) *concession stand prices are reasonable- between high school and pro arena (small cheese pizza $6, pretzel $4, Bread sticks the size of a small pizza $3, Large Popcorn less than movies, chicken tenders and fries like $7, jumbo drink $5) *concession stand service was quick; personnel were friendly. On Saturday night, a manager was directing traffic so that there was virtually no wait. *A hotel within 30 minutes of the hotel is reasonable to me. SK stayed at an absolute dump on a visit to girls state tourney back in 08; it was 20 mins from the arena but I wouldn't stay there and I'm not all that picky. I hope it stays at BB&T. I've attended KHSAA state championships in football, boys and girls b-ball (both locations), baseball and wrestling and say; pay up St. E and keep the tourney in NKY!
  9. Murray kids spent all they had. Well done coaches and players. Glad I got to see this one
  10. Great game, tough L for Etown. Didn't like the D at the end. They dared Butler to make a shot and they did.
  11. They announced the crowd this afternoon on the audio broadcast as the second largest crowd ever to see a girls Sweet 16 game. 6,000 plus.
  12. Father of 3 daughters; not appropriate today or yesteryear. Maybe I'm a bit conservative but that's my opinion. When I read the title, I thought oh no somebody messed up and did what...then I read it is regular practice.
  13. No doubt; great points and your percentages are probably close. But as you said, 1,800 students and I would say there were less than 20 there. Between the boys and girls tourney, there were 4 district games and 4 regional games...not a single student section at any of those 8 games. There aren't may people who have seen more SK sports games than me but I can't ever remember seeing this. Maybe the kids didn't realize they could have had a day off if they had gotten to state and won a game! I've beat this dead horse enough and this will be my last comments on this topic but our schools are our communities. I'd like to hope that the stakeholders of students, teachers, administrators and the communities don't lose sight of this. Yeah, I'm naive but I enjoyed watching the Wagners and Cooks support SK for decades setting a wonderful example.
  14. Good point; I think it also depends if there is room. I believe SK may be at capacity now; not involved in the school any longer so I'm not exactly sure about that but at 1700-1800 it has to be close. With respect to middle schoolers, you can't be districted to eventually go to Scott/Dixie and play at SK.
  15. Nice kudos on here from several regarding the Trimble support. That's awesome. Have to say though, I was very disappointed in the support the SK kids received from the school and community. With the exception of the band, cheerleaders and diehard fans, the support at the district and regional games was dismal. Yeah, I get that the tourney was almost a 90 minute drive but SK won their first regional title in that very gym and the stands were packed with students, teachers and administrators throughout the school system. This team deserved better. I'm hoping that SK doesn't still have a pep club.
  16. Here's a huge reason for Trimble's win. Fan and student support! Single A school showing how it is done. The first picture is the team coming back from the locker room at half-time, down 4 no less! I was impressed. This is how it is done. Always great when students come out and support the girls sports. Congrats!
  17. Congrats to Trimble County. They showed up at the 8th Region Final tonight to play their guts out. SK showed up to get their 1st place walnut trophy. Unfortunately for us SK fans, the deserving team left with the trophy. The SK defense was porous (I can remember a couple of times where Trimble drove by a couple SK defenders) and on offense they looked lost against what looked to be a 3-2 zone packed very tight to stop Niece. With the outside shot not falling and Niece's drives not working, it was Trimble's game. It felt at times that the referees seemed to feed off the very, very partisan Trimble crowd but that certainly wasn't the difference in the game. Trimble created a home court advantage by getting out and supporting their team which is what Kentucky High School b-ball is all about. Nice job Raider Nation. Congrats to SK kids on a fine season and get ready for next year. Best of luck to SK's lone senior, Abby Jones.
  18. 3 Single A Schools and SK; wow! I've only been following 8th since SK joined but haven't seen anything like this. No Anderson, Shelby and not a single Oldham. Has to be first time in a long time.
  19. HHS Coaches obviously upset about something after the shot went in; I wasn't there and can't tell a whole lot by video but Coach Mr. Richey runs out on the floor and is pointing to a spot on the floor and Jamie Richey gives the double hand fan get out of here. Any idea? I didn't see anything but they obviously had a better view than the top deck video.
  20. There were so many calls that left you scratching your head that it didn't come down to one call. I didn't think it was a very good game to watch; just not much flow. I didn't like the intentional foul call but the act of shooting call? Looked like the girl got fouled and then threw the ball at the hoop; not act of shooting from my vantage point but I'll wait until the video posts for final judgment. SK really struggled against the 1-3-1 zone. I did think Walton played harder for 50/50balls and rebounding and had a pretty good game plan by slowing the ball down. I've never seen girls hitting the deck so much; got quite ridiculous IMO creating a dangerous situation for the player(s) attempting to get the call and the players who are dodging the player on the floor. It worked once but that was about it. I don't know the answer; is there any penalty for a player who tries to draw a foul by doing a belly flop to the floor? That strategy only takes a player out of the play and puts her team at a rebounding disadvantage; but again the worst thing is it is just dangerous.
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