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  1. They have also had a couple of other key players miss games due to other commitments.
  2. Tim isn't the the basketball coach in the area with that last name.:thumb:
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Bylaw 24 covers this. More specifically, Case Bylaw-24-3 Paragraph 3
  4. First by playing kids who want to play each week. Sick of hearing kids play because they are seniors or because they are bigger than other players. Play your best 11 on both sides of the ball. Shouldn't matter what grade they are in. i believe 42 & 24 have earned spots along with a few others. Some have played themselves out of positions. Time to make the necessary changes and get to work in district play. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!
  5. NCC needs to toughen up. Players asking off the field, players pulling themselves out of practice all week and how that happens is incredible to me. Players arguing on the sidelines. Too much selfish crap going on. District play begins, no more excuses on either side of the ball.
  6. Panthers lead late once again taking a 3-1 lead into bottom of the 6th. cru plates 3 runs to take it. Lacorte went the distance for the Cru. Thornsburg was the tough loser for Ludlow. Great game to watch. Good pitching, good defense, good situational bunting. Another tough loss for the Panthers!!!
  7. He yelled the one word no referee will let slip. Everyone sitting court side heard it!
  8. Coach Dawn now has 3 titles. 2 with the boys and 1 with the girls. This is also Coach Collopys third consecutive All A title. What a coaching staff! Congratulations to all the Breds.
  9. After the top 4 teams on this list just roll the dice. Cru could beat anyone on here besides the top 4.Highlands is overrated at 11. Truly Ludlow would smack them and not sure that the Crossbacks and Beechies wouldn't get them also. Haven't seen Lloyd but here they are young and inexperienced.
  10. Never said or thought that neither were not D1 players. D1 was put in quotes because 719 made reference as to the bigs being D1 players, most of their plays are set up for big men and I'm pretty sure Coach Dawn knows they are D1 players and they are pretty good. Dont need to hear that one kid is D1, one kid is NAIA or D2, no one cares. Coopers plan the whole first half was to not let NCC bigs beat them. Main reason why the guards had so many good looks. Once they were forced to go man the ball went inside. Pick your poison with this team. My argument with all of this is when you have the balanced scoring like NCC did last night and you're 11-3 and very easily could be 14-0 against arguably the best schedule in the state. Close losses to Ballard, PRP and Lafayette. Something is working! With this team you rarely see a 25pt performance. Good basketball teams are balanced and this team is very balanced. Like i said, teams have to pick their poison- do you try and stop the bigs and watch the guards beat you or do you stop the guards and let the bigs beat you. I hear the players all get along on and off the court. Comraderie is good and it needs to stay that way to be successful. My answer to Money is this- they utilize their bigs right when needed and utilize their perimeter game right also when needed. I'm not a rocket scientist but thats just my opinion!
  11. It's the D1 combination in the paint that takes this team to a different level, yet NCC seems not to use them. Can't figure it out! Here is what I am talking about in 719's response to the game.
  12. Agreed. For the most part in the first half Cooper played zone daring NCC to shoot from the outside. Tanner, Zack, & Grant had wide open looks. When you look at their scoring they had bigs: 10, 10, 9, 4, guards: 10, 8, 5, 2. 33 pts from the bigs, 25 from the guards. Looks like a really balanced lineup if you ask me. Plus I'm really sure Coach Dawn knows what he is doing more so than the people on here complaining about the ball not going inside to the "D1" players. Hope the boys dont read this nonsense. Hey boys, "Great team win last night, now go get another one Friday night at CovCath."
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