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  1. It was also Senior Night for PCC. This picture of the seniors before the game.
  2. There will be a silent auction at the game tonight. The school also recognized several faculty/staff that had breast cancer. All week long there has been an emphasis placed at school on the importance of the disease and how it touches many,many people. It's been a learning experience for everyone involved. Hats off to Caoch Browne and the PCC football team for bringing awareness to the community. Also tonight for every fan that comes to the game $1 will be donated.
  3. One of the applicants was the assisstant coach on the 1994 girls state champions(M.C.Napier) and he has been in six other state tournaments with Perry Central as an assisstant(1998.2000,2001,2002,2003,2004).
  4. I have heard that the asst.coach at Perry Central has applied for the position. He was the asst.coach at M.C.Napier when they won the girls state title in 1994, he was the head coach at Napier the last year before it closed and has been at Perry Central since it opened in the fall of 1995. Perry Central has won numerous region titles in that time and have had many all-state players, I believe two of them were first team all-state(2004 &2007).
  5. This happened back in the early '90's. We played in a freshmen tournament and were playing the host team. About halfway thru the 1st quarter we already had over 10 team fouls called against us, of course the home team had very few. About midway thru the second quarter our post player picks up his 3rd foul. As the ref comes over to signal the foul I had the following exchange - "Hey Can I ask you a question?" The ref replied "Sure". "Can I use all my timeouts at one time?" Ref -"Yeah" , "well if I call all my timeouts in a row.......will that give me enough time to fire up the bus, go back to s
  6. I think the boys region is at Perry Central. The girls region is at Powell.
  7. Just for clarification, LCC didn't beat PCC, other way around
  8. Last years coach at JCS was Coach Lively. Hall was at Breathitt
  9. South Laurel did not participate in the tournament on Friday. PCC red also did not play, which is usual for Coach Holland not to play his 1st group in the tourney. Also Betsy Layne did not play in the tournament.
  10. Mr. No Name....which post mentioned how the 14th region guys did?
  11. Well let's look at the wins. Owsley twice, Powell twice, Menifee Co., Bracken Co., Jackson Co., Cordia, Magoffin, Wolfe. Hardly any quality wins to speak of. Memphis Sheffield, the powerhouse from Tennessee is also only 11-13. I'm sorry, but that is not one of the toughest schedules outside of the 11th region. That being said I think that Estill County has a very good team and if they get by the Pirates I know that everyone in the region would hope not to draw them.
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