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  1. Somehow I doubt that, but they should dominate, no doubt. Have they found a new FB yet, I hear the one from last year has moved to the Lone Oak school district. I also think PT may play up a class, more traditional rivals in the local district and not much difference in power teams in 3A and 4A.
  2. I believe it goes like this: Mr. Football is automatically on team Allstate Team selections mean very little The coaches from each Region nominate 4 players The top 4 vote getters from each region are automatically on team Head Coach picks the rest, and Allstar game advisory committee can make recommendations, but final say so is up to Head Coach Politics can weigh heavy at this point. Hopefully we can pick a O-Line this year that won't be gassed after the 1st quarter We would of won by 50 last year if we had blocked anyone.
  3. Maybe I am missing seeing it, but how about Sonny Collins at TB, probably the greatest TB from a Kentucky High School (Madisonville) and played at Kentucky University (UK).
  4. Trousdale Co. has had a tough time with Ky. teams at home that start with the letter M. They lost to Mayfield, Monroe Co. and Muhlenberg South all at home between 1999 and 2001, I believe.
  5. Congratulations to Coach Satterfield and team at Trousdale Co.
  6. Coach Summers at UL is one of the best O-LIne coaches in the country, and would be a great replacement as Head Coach when/if Petrino leaves.
  7. Nothing wrong with the playing surface at WC, just limited seating.
  8. It would hard to imagine BG giving up more than 1 score. BG 21 BE 3
  9. Good logic, I think a big crowd at WKU for 2 games would be great, I've heard though, that all participating teams are not interested in playing the games there. No facts known, just 2nd hand chatter.
  10. I'm just saying WC has a better chance of winning at home. Does WC still have the Dragon Fire win they score ? X players are used to playing of turf and at the Pizza Box. :flame:
  11. If I was a WC coach, player, or fan. I would want to play at home. Playing at WKU would give adge to X. Their players have played on turf more often and in large stadiums. Its not always about the money, its about whats best for your team toward winning. Good Luck to both teams.
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