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  1. One more Russell question, Does Jeff Davis still coach there?
  2. Is there a Hogg that plays JV or V for Russell?
  3. I do both Facebook and MySpace. I've had friends from high school find me on both and a lot of my older college roommates have contacted me on MySpace. Some days I have to tell myself it is going to be the "last time" I check it for the night.
  4. Didn't have plans to come to the game tonight, the more I read the more my plans are changing!
  5. So thats why I'd have to sit at a table all alone when I'd get in trouble during class. The things I start to understand in my old age I heard about this on the Today Show this morning. Meredith interviewed the Congresswoman who is going to propose the bill in California and they also had a child psychologist present. This bill will outlaw spanking of children that are 0-3 years old. Congresswoman Liber added that the Gov. and First Lady of California are supporting this proposed legislation. The child psychologist agreeed with the proposal as well, which by the reaction, I think su
  6. Bulldog, I have to say thank you, you have made my day maybe even my year! The (or girl, of course) added to your statement brought a smile to my face. For a semester of college I had to prove to a group of guys (I was one of two girls in the class) that a girl really could know baseball as well as a guy. February 15th has been one of my favorite days since I was in the 5th grade! This will be the first time in 15 years that someone from my family hasn't been apart of a high school team in some role.
  7. Have any of you been to Diddle Arena for a Hilltoppers game? The fans are amazing! I love to go to WKU games.
  8. I'm still holding out hope that Jody Richards will decide to throw his hat into the race. Needs a better campaign strategy this time around and it will help that Chandler has decided not to run.
  9. I think you will see the number of pro scouts at showcases change. The new rule that scouts cannot be paid for their participation may influence the number that the scouts decide to attend. I think this may hurt attendance at some of the camps.
  10. The Bracken/Pendleton rivalry was by far my favorite during high school. Even though it wasn't long ago, both schools usually had teams that could compete with one another and shared a neighboring county "friendliness" Each school always had a great crowd for the game!
  11. Saw Nathan play against my brother last season. My mom has him in class this year and talks about what a great kid he is. I hope great things happen for him this season and in seasons to come at Xavier.
  12. We love to cheer for ANYONE against Brossart!! My prediction, Cats pull out the win....Bracken plays a great 1st half.
  13. I actually saw it posted in The Post shortly after the job was open. A problem I could see with the position is that they are requiring a vaild kentucky teaching certificate. I know for some people with BA degrees in Sport Management or Sports Administration they will not have a teaching certificate. They have however put a statement in the posting that some requirements for the job could be compromised for a qualifed person.
  14. What did Hammonds teach? I know he accepted the part time Asst Principal position and he was A.D. correct? Anyone know what other teaching positions are open at Bracken?
  15. Nice job Bird Man...was just getting ready to ask who the first PC coach was, thought lbc might be the only one to know the correct answer but I should have known you'd prove me wrong
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