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  1. Will Brown be playing in this game? I noticed he hasn't been in the last two games according to the stats that Ashland has submitted.
  2. I saw where Kent Phelps just had 54 yards on just 10 carries. Did he play the entire game?
  3. 7 Morgan County 5 Powell 3 Whitley 2 Rockcastle 1 Corbin 1st Tiebreaker-Morgan County
  4. 7 West Carter 5 Knox Central 3 Somerset 2 Prestonsburg 1 Raceland 1st Tiebreaker West Carter
  5. 7 Pikeville 5 Mason County 3 Southwestern 2 Lynn Camp 1 Greenup Co 1st Tiebreaker- Mason County
  6. 7 Hazard 5 Corbin 3 Russell 2 North Laurel 1 Johnson Central 1st Tiebreaker- Hazard
  7. 7 Hazard 5 McCreary Central 3 Fleming County 2 Betsy Layne 1 Pike County Central 1st Tiebreaker McCreary Central
  8. Who mentioned anything about a business card? What are you meaning?
  9. I agree 100 percent that's who they're talking about. As a matter of fact he is the one who everyone that's close to their team is blaming. The ones who aren't blaming him publicly are the people who's trying to cover it up and keep the stink down.
  10. Just to clarify some of the comments on Facebook. The father's nickname is Rail. That's why the Paintsville fans are typing derailed and #railed .
  11. I heard yesterday that Johnson Central reached out to the folks at Beechwood about playing a home and home the next two years on week three. Has anyone else heard this?
  12. If you were being sarcastic I apologize. Its just hard to sort through all the crap that's posted by people who know nothing or in 76's case someone that's blinded because he has his head stuck up the anti Johnson Central crowd's rear on here.
  13. So you've moved to Lexington and now you've seen the world? That's hilarious. If you actually knew who you were talking to you would laugh at your statement. Bottom line here is you were a buffet buster in high school who never played but yet you a suddenly an expert on here.
  14. You moved to Danville so you cant ride their coat tails. I've always admired Danville's program. Look I don't want to start bickering back and forth with you. I took offense with your classless program comment and commented on it before I saw your other post.
  15. Evil Man? Are you serious? You don't even know the man and you're calling him evil? Don't include we in your posts either because you're not one of us. You're just like another so called Alumni on here who probably never played a meaningless down on the football field but yet all the sudden you're an expert on the Johnson Central football team. Please be quiet you're embarrassing yourself. You need to go back to work because there's a cleanup on aisle six that needs your attention.
  16. You wouldn't know a good program if it fell out of the sky and fell in your lap. What does anyone from Magoffin County know about football anyway? You're still living in high school and cant put your anti Johnson County feelings behind you.
  17. If you're that concerned why don't you just simply stop by one of his practices and run you concerns by him instead of being a keyboard warrior and hiding behind a user name. Boy you're really something I tell you that.
  18. That's not what happened. They lined up in a double tight formation the entire series and they told the Ashland defense that they will be running a regular play after the two kneel downs. There was no trick play or formation.
  19. You've never even met anyone on JC's staff so be quiet. Are you saying that Lexington Catholic would fair any better against Covington Catholic and Highlands? The way they've played this year they most certainly be facing an early playoff departure also.
  20. Here we go the keyboard warriors are in full force but the only problem is none of you were at the game and are basing your opinion on what JD Easton posted and when he wasn't at the game during the fourth quarter either from what I was told. Easton is probably still crying from his trip to the hills and the most of you are lining up behind him for his cause. What ALL of you don't understand its what truly went down. Johnson Central started subbing heavily late in the third quarter and when the fourth quarter started Coach Matney asked the officials to throw a flag if any of the Johnson Central players scored a touchdown because Johnson Central didn't want to run the score up. They started taking a knee around the 7 minute mark in the forth quarter with an entire backfield of freshmen and a mixture of junior varsity and freshman offensive lineman. The only problem with taking a knee that early was how do you explain to the freshman and JV players who worked so hard during the week preparing our varsity that you're just going to stand out there and kneel? The JV and freshman season has been over for two weeks for JC so the decision was made on third down to run regular plays because they couldn't completely run out the clock. After the play was called the entire Ashland defense was informed that a play was going to be run and what play it was. It was a simple fullback dive play that went for a touch down that was called back for a holding. After repeating the down the defense was told the play again and the stopped it for only a three yard gain. Tyler Pack then kicked his fourth field goal on the night. So there you have it people. There were no evil scheme to show the kids and staff up from Ashland. Coach Love and Coach Matney are actually good friends and the last thing he would do is run up the score on him. There was no fake kneel down play tdyballgame suggested either. It was just a straight full back dive that went for a score that was called back for a holding penalty. Are some of you that naïve to just automatically believe what one whining and crying fan posted? Do you not realize that he was listening to the game on the radio and he wasn't even at the game either? Did you ever stop and think about who he was getting his information from? He was getting his info from perhaps the biggest idiot/homer in radio broadcasting history in Dick Martin. He's also the most appropriately named play by play man in the business.
  21. 7-McLean County 5-Henderson County 3-Owensboro 2-Hopkinsville 1-Franklin Simpson 1st Tiebreaker-Hopkinsville
  22. 7-Pikeville 5-Shelby Valley 3-Raceland 2-Southwestern 1-Morgan County 1st Tiebreaker-Shelby Valley
  23. 7-Dunbar 5-Ludlow 3-Lafayette 2-Glasgow 1-East Jessamine 1st Tiebreaker-Glasgow
  24. 7-South Oldham 5-Highlands 3-Ludlow 2-Newport 1-Scott 1st Tiebreaker-South Oldham
  25. 7-DuPont Manual 5-Henry County 3-St Xavier 2-Thomas Nelson 1-Nelson County TB-Thomas Nelson
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