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  1. At this point, it's not about winning or losing this game. I believe that Harrison County is a better team than what the score indicates and giving up now is not the way you demonstrate your faith in those young men and their abilities. Giving them another chance to show what they can do against the defending AAA state champs might help them out later in the season. I didn't count them, but Harrison County couldn't have had more than 30 guys dressed for the game last night and just about all of the starters were playing both ways. That was certainly a factor in a game where LexCath d
  2. I don't think it works that way. The fact that both schools exist together there in Boyle County and have to compete with each other and have comparisons made about each to the other actually makes BOTH schools stronger in football. Combining them would probably not have your predicted result in the long run. I doubt that the raw football talent in Boyle County is any better or worse than in many other areas of the state. What sets Boyle County and Danville apart is their dedication, development of the talent they do have, and their belief that they can do it. I know it's gott
  3. I get the impression that some people out there feel that the answer to the problem of private school domination of some girls' sports is to set rules in place which would reduce the quality of the programs and the abillity of the athletes at those schools. Is that the idea? So the idea is that if we don't strive for excellence, but strive for mediocrity instead, then everything will be "fair".
  4. There's been a lot of talk about Justin Burke (truly a remarkable quarterback and a real leader on and off the field ... what's not to like about this guy!) and some of the other so-called "skill positions" (they're great too!) ... BUT ... a huge contribution this particular season was made by the O-line and the D-line. Let's face it, while this aspect of LexCath's game has been weak in the past few years, we're seeing a marked improvement in that department this year and especially towards the end of this year. Throughout the playoffs, the O-line gave Burke great protection and
  5. That was beautiful and I agree completely with your nomination!
  6. Tony, that was very obscure ... http://bluegrasspreps.com/showthread.php?t=54304
  7. Come on over JC ... you know you want to ... we're keeping a kneeler warm for you. :thumb:
  8. ... and don't forget that the Catholic win in 3A was an upset too.
  9. Tell that to the good people of Danville and Boyle County. How in the world do they do it? For one thing, they work hard enough down there that parents don't have to think about whether to make their kids drive up to Lexington for High School (after all, it's not really all that far!). How does Highlands and Beechwood do it, they're an easy drive from some real football powerhouses (in Cincinnati)? I don't quite know what to tell you. I wouldn't mind a constructive suggestion that involved some kind of a "handicap" for private schools ... maybe a formula that would add to their st
  10. The issue is that many people are looking at this statistic and assuming that the Catholic Schools are doing something wrong and what they ought to do is to ask what is it that the Catholic schools are doing right.
  11. That is so, so true and it's also so easy to forget at a time like this. Your observation underscores just how tough it is to win the state. Congratulations to LexCath on a superb season and post-season. A sincere Thank You for the work that you do and the enjoyment that you've brought to us. Best of everything in the future to the seniors. Congratulations to all of the other teams LexCath saw over the last few weeks ... Grant Co., CovCath, Highlands, Rockcastle Co., and Bowling Green ... we hope to be able to see you again in the future. Especially, most sincere congra
  12. You are correct UNDERTHEBRIDGE! And I'd go on to say that Coach Sphire is a good and experienced coach who works hard and attracts (and retains) players who want to work hard. He also has a keen eye for talent and develops that talent in his players through instruction and mentoring. Justin Burke is great in many, many ways and will certainly be missed at QB for LexCath but someone will step up and take his place and they'll have Justin's example of class and poise to help guide them too.
  13. It's true that Centre (or other D3 schools) won't generally get anyone going there who has any realistic ambitions to play in the NFL. They do however recruit te best players they can in order to remain competetive in their conference. To recruit these players (who, by the way, also have to meet the more rigorous acceptance standards that the school sets), they offer them the chance to actually play football in college (it doesn't all have to end in HS), and they offer an environment where they can be a student-athlete and not a student-athlete. That is to say that the student can actually
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