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  1. Congratulations to the Lady Royals on another fine accomplishment. I am sure Coach Euton is especially proud of this championship since it was a lot harder to earn with a shorter bench. Good luck in Bowling Green Lady Royals.
  2. Russell should win this game, but Coach Trimble is a sly old dog and he may have a trick or two up his sleeve.
  3. Once again the Lady Royals were able to accomplish something that the boys team has never accomplished, win a District title. Good luck to both the Lady Royals and the Kittens as they get ready for Morehead. I think the girls tournament is going to be wide open.
  4. Emily Queen it the key. She has to stay out of foul trouble in the first half. If she has 2 or less fouls at the break Rose Hill will cruise to the championship. However, if she spends significant time on the bench with fouls then the Kittens have a chance.
  5. I don't think Coach Fraley will ever win Coach of the Year in the 16th Region for the same reason Jeff Hall didn't win it (in spite of the fact he was Kentucky's AP Coach of the Year). There is just too much bias against Rose Hill because it is a private school. Personally, I think Coach Fraley has done an outstanding job this year, but I would give Coach of the Year to either Rick Mays or Coach Dodd.
  6. I agree Scooter, as usual, your comments are direct and truthful. I think Rose Hill is going to have to expand it's talent beyond the "big 2" if they want to enjoy the kind of success the girls had last year.
  7. I 2nd (or 3rd) the congratulations to Coach Pratt. It was a well deserved win and I think he deserves a trip to Morehead. I am sure that Coach Fraley is down after a tough loss for his young Royals, however, in a couple of days (or weeks) he will realize that the sun still comes up in the morning and things still look good for his teams future.
  8. I think that comment is way overboard. I may not always agree with the Ashland fans, but I think Tomcat_Fan was just giving an honest observation. :argue:
  9. I agree. If I had a child on the team that is a senior I would not be happy. It is disappointing for the players.
  10. I have reads through this thread and this was probably the most accurate comment. Yes, having both played and coached I think that what is said in the locker room should stay, but that doesn't mean anything goes
  11. Sounded like a great game. Good luck to paintsville the rest of the way!
  12. I like Coach Hicks, but I think it is going to be hard to get over all of the negativity. If he can get the team to band together with a "us against the world" mentality he may pull it off. A trip to Morehead would heal a lot of wounds.
  13. Right now Ashland is playing well, and everyone on this site agrees. But from what I know and have heard of Clark Co. they are going to be too tough for Ashland. I predict Clark Co. by 8
  14. Paintsville's Coach was quite a character. He was especially funny in the ESPN special a few years back
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