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  1. Boyle was 5-7 the year before Larry came. Coach French's first season Boyle went 13-1 and lost a heart breaker at Bell County in the semi finals. The following 2 seasons Coach French won his 2 State Championships at Boyle with 30-0 record. 43-1 for his first 3 seasons was very impressive. Huge for Boyle County as It was Boyle's first title without Chuck Smith as coach.
  2. As would I. To be the best, gotta beat the best. IMO Corbin is the best team on that side of the bracket.
  3. 5 point game - Covington Catholic4 point game - Scott County 3 point game - Ashland2 point game - Murray 1 point game - Bishop Brossart
  4. While I agree it is easier than being on the other side of the bracket, on the back end, but does anyone have a harder game than a RPI #1 and #2 facing each other in the second round? Catholic is not a push over. They might not have won pretty but they have won their games they should have and setting a 8-2. Only losses to 2A and 4A #1 teams, with quality wins. Lexington Catholic is very capable on beating Boyle. I'm sure they will be fired up and come ready to play as this years Sr. class has never beat Boyle and would love to knock the Rebels out of the playoffs.
  5. There sure was a lot of chest thumping, professional film watching, and how much smaller, slower, and less talented we was in the prediction thread. My..My…how the table has turned! Who Ya With!
  6. Halfway to that 14 for that magic total for a State Championship.
  7. Rebels will lose this game IMO. Douglas has too many athletes.. I think The qb will struggle to make throws down the stretch and the run game for Boyle will be neutralized by the speed of Douglas.. Where did I say that?
  8. Thinking about the game, when was the last time Boyle came into a game as the underdog? I'd think you would have to go back to November 11th., 2016 at Louisville Central. Boyle has their work cut out for them to pull this game out. No matter what happens in this game, win or lose, it's not the big picture of a State Championship. IMO Boyle still will have home field through out the playoffs as a #1 or #2 seed regardless. Most importantly just get through tomorrow night without any injuries and get ready for the season that really matters starting next week. Go Rebels!
  9. Covington CatholicSouthwesternScott County Boyle CountyBethlehem
  10. I've never done this bad in any of the BGP contest. Might as well just have my dog make my picks. Can't do any worse.
  11. I'll go ahead and say it. I stayed at a Holiday Inn express this week. Boyle will win the game.
  12. Running clock! Boyle up 42-6 with 2:35 left in the 2Q.
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