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  1. Congratulation to the Scott Eagles. You guys have any questions on where to stay, eat, or anything in general on your trip next week just let me know. Be glad to help!
  2. Congratulations Jackets! Coach French can flat out coach!
  3. Holding Lexington Catholic to 3-13 passing with 22 yards is unbelievable. How many times did their QB get sacked? 4 early in the game then I quit watching. Boyle is peaking at the right time both on offense and defense.
  4. Wow! I may have to come to The Smoky Mountains every weekend now!
  5. The weather looks like some rain could hit around kickoff time. Could play a factor in the game.
  6. My understanding is it's Free! I plan on watching from the Smoky Mountains.
  7. Go Rebels! Beat Catholic! Hate I’m going to miss this game.
  8. 5 point - Ryle4 point - Hopkinsville3 point - Bryan Station2 point - Green County1 point - Union County
  9. I'm not sure of the exact date but Lexington Catholic started football around the late 80's early 90's and was in a different class than Boyle. I know they where rivals in 1A with Harrodsburg and Garrard County. It wasn't until they moved up to 2A before they became rivals with Boyle around mid 90's I assume.
  10. I hate that I'm going to miss this game, but can't be in two places at once. Signed up for the Cades Cove 10 mile loop lope run almost a year ago in the Great Smoky Mountains. I will be watching on my phone. Can I get a...........
  11. 98 was the only one I've missed as I was striping tobacco and listening on the radio. If I remember correctly that game was played at Georgetown because it rain cats and dogs that week. That was before LC had turf.
  12. Sure seems like a lot more than that. 99 and 00 where battles as these where the top 2 teams in 2A those years while in the same district.
  13. I watched it and seen nothing wrong. IMO all trick plays are some type of deception. I've never heard of or seen this rule called before.
  14. Those are 3 greats in my mind. Ed Rall was my coach and I would run through a brick wall if he told me too. I can't thank Coach Rall enough for making me the man I am today!
  15. Who where some of today's coaches that got their start while under Coach French? I am not 100% on this but didn't Chuck Smith start his coaching under French?
  16. Gillis to Stewart. Running Clock with 2:00 Q1 Boyle 37-0 im out!
  17. Sims return 7 yard fumble for a TD. 21-0 Boyle 9:03 Q1
  18. Boyle score on first play on a 26 yard pass play. Lanter has a 54 yard punt return for a TD. Boyle up 14-0 9:06 Q1
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