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  1. Todd is averaging 44 yards a carry for Russellville. He needs more than 3 touches.
  2. Not there yet. I'm listening to the Pikeville radio station online plus have the live stats pulled up.
  3. What a nice day this is going to be! Almost shorts weather.
  4. 15 point super game - Beechwood5 point game - Tilghman 4 point game - Frederick Douglass3 point game - Male2 point game - Pikeville1 point game - Boyle County
  5. I thought I had it figured out last week with foot warmers and a thick pair of insulated socks, but I was wrong. To boot, I am not a boot kinda guy. 😂
  6. The last 2 weeks I couldn’t feel my toes by halftime. Excited to see a warmer game. Not sure how many more cold games this snowbird could take.
  7. Not much to it but......... Who Ya With?...... Rebels! Scream it over and over until you pop a blood vessel, then go Yeah! LOL
  8. Last week I couldn't feel my toes at the game. This week I'm more prepared! Foot warmers and a nice thick pair of insulated socks have been purchased. I believe that I am ready for a 28 degree temp at kickoff that will drop as the game goes on this week!
  9. 1. Johnson Central / Franklin County 2. Woodford County / South Warren 3. Owensboro / Fredrick Douglas
  10. I just don't have a good feeling about this game.
  11. Thanks! I may be awake by that time after my traditional Thanksgiving nap.😀
  12. 5 Male4 Woodford County3 Frederick Douglass2 Beechwood1 Glasgow
  13. I've not seen anything yet. Is Thanksgiving practice open to alumni like in the past?
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