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  1. Wasn't this upcoming Senior class Middle School State Champs?
  2. He also suggested that the Cheif's purposely not score to run more time off the clock and fall down on the 1 yard line. Unbelievable!
  3. Tony Romo was just awful! He kept saying the Bengals should let them score late in the game. What in world was he thinking? I'm was not a NFL player but in no circumstances do you give up a lead changing TD. Wow! Still puzzled by his color on TV a day later.
  4. The boogyman looks under his bed for Chuck Smith.
  5. Only move I see is in Connect 4, as Chuck Smith can win that on just 3 moves.
  6. I was at that game. E-Town played very good that night and gave Boyle all they wanted. Boyle won it 14-7 in a close one.
  7. Prayers for Mayfield. The pictures I've seen looks like they got hit very hard. WKYT reported very bad news from the city of Mayfield that is very disturbing.
  8. Boyle Quarterback Club fixing to sell these to help pay for the rings for the players.
  9. I also have no issue with 2 players from the same team, as long as you're good enough to make the list and can back it up. There are a lot of good football players on the same team.
  10. Probably. So many Black Stars on it Coach Rall just decided it was just easier to just get a new helmet than take them off. LOL! Ohh and you get a Penalty Drill for that!
  11. @bugatti Thank you for all your work to put on this contest this season. By far the hardest contest I've seen here. Some of these picks where so hard that I just should have flipped a coin. Couldn't have done any worse. Anyway again Thank You! Looking forward to redeeming myself for 2022! @Cheese Congratulations on being the overall champion. Well earned Title! @theguru Thank you for the prizes and a place to enjoy my passion (High School Football). I was able to win one week and LOVE my BGP hoodie! I think I now have a full set of BGP glasses that are perfect for drinking in.
  12. Why? KHSAA said that this could happen. Some players took advantage of the rule change that the KHSAA approved. I'm not embarrassed one tiny little bit. I've been walking around Titletown with my head up and thumping my chest when I feel it's needed and bragging to who ever would listen to me.
  13. I can agree with Gillis as the 3rd. best ever and also agree as #2 ever to QB at Boyle. Gillis doese have a resume to place him as high as #2. He was 2 for 2 at Boyle on Championships. Gillis did everything asked for him to do. Run it, pass it, be a leader, and play hard nose defense. Smith had to follow Duggins which was no easy task to continue what he had done and he did. My List would be: #1 Jeffery Duggins was 44-0 with 3 State Titles at Boyle. Never lost a game and started this Boyle Dynasty. The kids was flat out a winner and never lost a game at Boyle! Also played linebacker. #2a & 2b Brandon Smith and Jagger Gillis both are the only other QB's with multiple Titles at Boyle. Both where leaders on their team and could pass or run. Also played linebacker.
  14. A really nice State Championship Boyle County video. https://www.facebook.com/BoyleRebelsfootball/videos/199634942365792
  15. We've now won a State Championship without Chuck Smith, Chris Pardue, and Jeff Hester. 3 very big shoes to fill! I agree Travis Burns did a great job this season. Boyle as a overall coaching staff are very young and could be around for a good long time. The Rebel team is in good hands today and making their on mark at Boyle County. Better get a bigger trophy case!
  16. He was a Sophomore the last time I seen him. I'm sure he's grown a lot since. Isn't Dixion built like UK's Bowden and Robinson? They are proven that small backs can also play big time football.
  17. Boyle's first drive set the tone for the game. To go for it on a 4th and inches on your own 10 yard line. WOW! Which was rewarded with a 99 yard opening drive to go up 6-0. Once Boyle got the lead they went with the run and Johnson Central had no answer for it. Other than some holding calls, I am not sure how Boyle could have played a better game last night. You could tell this game mattered. Never seen Hardwick play defense in the first 14 games but there he was on the D-Line at State. 6 for 9 passing by Gillis has to be a season low but 22 hard earned rushes has to be a season high for this year. Zeismer played some offense this season but last night he played twiced as much. Hats off to the Boyle coaching staff as they had the team ready to play and that they did last night! Jagger Gillis joins Jeffery Duggins and Brandon Smith as the only multiple State Champion Quarterbacks at Boyle County (Pretty good company right there). Cole Lanter breaks Reece Smith's single season touchdown record tonight. There can't be anytime better to be a Rebel than now! #Rebel4Life
  18. I think this Boyle County team improved more from start to end than any Boyle team I've seen over the past 40 years. After the first 2 games I thought we had a long ways to go. Last 6 games they crushed 5A #1 Frederick Douglas at the Farm and breezed through the first 4 rounds of the playoffs with running clocks. Johnson Central was the real deal and for them to do what they did to them has me thinking that this Boyle team was way better than I even thought they where. Congratulations Rebels on Title #10 !
  19. Yep, and we forgive you for jumping off our bandwagon against Frederick Douglas. Who Ya WIth!
  20. Well I got to get out of here. Need to get ready for a important engagement at 8:00 pm. tonight.
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