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  1. With the new running clock rule at 36 it will do as intended and keep the score from getting into the 60's or 70's.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before but does the season pass include this game? I though I saw in a previous thread it was.
  3. HHS had 2nd and goal from inside the 1 but fumbled the snap and that backed them up to the 6. They then turned it over on downs at the 4.
  4. Calpreps rankings are not complete yet. A lot of teams have incomplete schedules and they use schedule strength in their formula. There will be a lot more movement as schedules are updated
  5. I remember looking them up on Calpreps and they finished the year 10-15 spots behind Boyle County in last years final rankings
  6. Why not have one of the Technical Schools in the state that can do printing, print the programs? That would help cut down on the cost.
  7. Anderson Cty and SK in the finals! I think SK will win it all this year!
  8. They will have the toughest road to go to win the region. Will have to play SK and Walton to win it but they are the favorite.
  9. What a difference a year makes for Jordan. Last year nobody knew her but now is the front runner for POY in the 9th Region. Summer ball must have been very good for her!
  10. If you are not talking about contested shots and you are talking about very good looks. Then what is a uncontested shot?
  11. The difference in this game is the last three minutes in the first half. Judy comes out down two and SK goes on a 8 - 0 run. As for the "T" they had not crossed half court. He was coming out on the floor as soon as the offical did not call the foul.
  12. 1) NDA, Connor, NCC and Highlands (Who is hot that night wins) 5) SK 6) Brossart 7) Holy Cross 8) Walton 9) Holmes 10) Boone Cty
  13. You have to look at the big picture for Walton. In some sports playing in the NCKC they can compete with the schools in the conference which is most sports. Not trying to knock the NCKC.
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