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  1. That was the motto for this year. Yes, Covid probably had a part to play in it. I personally thought was more of a reference to all the doubters. I know this senior class had people tell them the odds were stacked against them and they would never make it back to state let alone win with out Reese Smith, Reed Lanter, Riley Colwick, Landon Bartleson and Wilson Kelly. I know a few of them thought even Coach Smith didn't think they could, or why else would he leave them. Having a new head coach also played a role into it. I mean, how many head coaches win a state championship in their first year somewhere? I really think all of that played into them choosing that motto for the year. Again, just my opinion.
  2. Congratulations to Paintsville! KCD had a great season, I think they were a little overwhelmed by the size and toughness of Paintsville's line.
  3. The community buys in to the program. When you refer to a 3rd grade flag football team as future state champions, it puts that expectation and goal in the minds of those kids. Having a single middle school program that runs most of the same schemes helps. Kids willing to work hard and put in the time to keep the program at top level.
  4. I do not believe Franklin County can win the battle in the trenches, but then again I don't think anyone can against Johnson Central. If Franklin has a shot to win this one, they have to give their QB time to throw the ball and I don't see that happening against JC's line. JC by 3 scores.
  5. While watching the game, I was thinking of how they would match up with Johnson Central. Not that anyone really can match up with Johnson Central's line, but I don't see Franklin's QB having as much time to throw the ball there as he does tonight.
  6. Just looking at the past weeks of 4A RPI, and was wondering if someone could explain this, because I just don't understand. On 10/18 top 5: 1. Boyle .69358 5. Central .62416 On 10/25 top 5: 2. Central .65780 4. Boyle .65016 (Boyle dropped from 1 to 5 after Bourbon County could not play for being a red county) On 10/31 top 5: 3. Boyle .67009 4. Central .64388 (Central did not play that week) On 11/4 top 5: 3. Boyle .67009 (The same after beating a 3-2 5A Madison Southern Team) 4. Central .64388 (Stayed the same after not playing another game) Just curious how Central's RPI doesn't go down after not playing another game. And Boyle's didn't go up, when the other top 5 teams went up, after winning a game. I know that Boyle's OOW is what hurting them right now. But I don't understand how you miss a game, because you are following the guidelines, and drop so dramatically. But another team misses a game and thier RPI ddoesn't go up. Or how Boyle wins a game over a higher class team with a winning record and their RPI doesn't go up at all.
  7. And Johnson Central has been in the red for weeks and is still playing right along. Teams are punished for following the guidelines. With the way the RPI stands, the two best teams could meet way before championships. I thought that was the purpose of the RPI system.
  8. It was stated on another post that Scott County's freshmen team was under covid protocol. Also, on twitter last night they said they would not be looking for another game. I am thinking maybe covid protocol is now impacting the varsity team.
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