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  1. How many kids quit under Brannen’s “program”? How many did he try to retain? Rumor has it that NCCwas very happy that Walton took him off their hands! Likely excuse that he resigned due to parents of Senior athletes, who won’t be there next year!
  2. The core of those Sr's have been together since Elementary and played every summer together. I have watched those boys for many years and they were focused on one thing, Rupp. The hard work and dedication paid off, Congrats to them All, it has been many years of great competition!
  3. I called this during the season, 9 Srs and nothing in the pipeline. He did not build that team or anything else at WV, rode those boys for what glory he could get and then quits.
  4. In the last meeting WV won by 6, but they were not playing the same type of game they are playing now. The Bearcats are firing on all cylinders and their defense will make it difficult for CC. Miles and Pardee down low are a tough combo to contain, I will take WV by 10.
  5. WV did everything they needed to do today. They got a little sluggish when the defense started to sag but they hit a few 3's which opened up their middle game again. Incredible defense to hold KC well below their average also creating some easy buckets. It looks like they are playing their best ball at the right time. Kudos to the Bearcat Nation.
  6. Congrats to your Bearcats, a Magical Season for those young men.
  7. Opening Round 1 Walton Verona 1 John Hardin 1 Owensboro 1 Trinity 1 Scott County 1Butler 1 Madisonville- NH 1 Mayfield 2 Walton Verona 2 Trinity 2 Scott County 2 Mayfield 3 Trinity 3 Scott County 5 Scott County TB 119
  8. This will be be WV'S 1st appearance in the Sweet 16 since 1942! Grubbs, Pardee, Miles and Jones all Tournament Team. Way to Go Bearcats!
  9. If WV trys to win this at the perimeter trading 3's with OC, it will get ugly fast. But for now they seem to being playing the Classic in/out offense instead of the motionless perimeter offense of the near past. So I wish them luck.
  10. Defensively WV will not allow the open looks that OC got last night. If WV plays an inside out, utilizing Miles and Pardee down low and Jones on the perimeter, I will take them in double digits for the Championship!
  11. Will Pegasus Network carry all of the 8th Region games?
  12. It is going to be a great game, It will go to the wire but GC for the win.
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