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  1. A battle of the unbeatens, takes center show in Buckner this Friday as Woodford County 5-0 takes on Oldham County 5-0. This game originally want supposed to take place but after both teams had a covid cancellation they decided to play eachother. Altough both of these teams don’t play eachother often in football, they are actually wrestling rivals. There in the same region for wrestling and the region championship is always between these two. So it’ll be fun to see them duke it out on the gridiron.
  2. Great win for OC. I’m so glad they were finally able to get this burden off of them. This has to be the best OC team since the late 90s. The 2018 team was good but I think this team is much better then that team ever was. Excited to see where this team goes.
  3. I really want to see OC win this one. I feel like the past couple of years everyone around OC has been saying this is the year we beat them, but every time it ends up going the other way. I really feel like this year is different but who knows. Should definitely be a good game, go Colonels.
  4. The undefeated 3-0 Colonels take on there arch nemesis 10 minutes down the road in South Oldham. South has won 10 straight in this matchup, could this be the year that OC breaks the streak. This should be a good one. Get ready, the showdown in Crestwood is slated for this Friday 9/17 at 7:30.
  5. Franklin County comes out the gate hot and gets the win. FC 35 Ballard 21
  6. North is still getting used to the new coach. They have what it takes to be a good team but it will take time. I’ll go with South in this one. South 42 North 13
  7. Didn’t get to see the game tonight but heard Fern creek just made some costly mistakes and Oldham just took advantage of that. I really like this team, if they can take down South which is always a tough task and beat Bryan Station, this team has a chance to easily go undefeated and perhaps run the table.
  8. Final from Fern Creek OC 39 Fern Creek 13 Big statement win by the Colonels.
  9. Expected Ballard to win, but definitely not by this much. Good win for Ballard to get back on there feet especially after last weeks thumping by Male.
  10. Game will be tomorrow at 7:30 instead of tonight due to ref shortages.
  11. The Colonels, take a trip to Louisville to face fellow undefeated Fern Creek in what should be an exciting early season show down. I’m really excited to see this game. It should answer a lot of questions I think for both teams, especially OC. I could see this game go both ways, hoping for a Colonel win though.
  12. Haven’t had a chance to see South yet, but I did see Ballard in there scrimmage vs OC. There very athletic and an overall sound team. South I would have to expect looks like they always do, just a hard nose football team. South is definitely not Male and doesn't have the athletes to go head to head with Ballard. I have to give Ballard the edge just because of all there athletes they have. Bruins in a close one Ballard 28 South 24
  13. Still a lot of questions to be answered with this OC team, I think a lot will be answered this week when the play Fern Creek but they are definitely right on the cusp of cracking the top 10.
  14. Good win for the Colonels. They looked sloppy, to begin with but once the game got going they dominated. Next week vs Fern Creek will really answer some questions about the Colonels. This team has the possibility to be one of the Best OC teams in awhile. There’s still a lot to be seen but I would say there just as good if not better then the 2018 team that went 10-2
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