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  1. With the KHSAA decision to suspend all spring sports indefinitely and with the uncertainty that spring sports will continue at all, I would like to recognize the top 25 Shot Put Throwers in the state. Although there was a few outdoor meets held I thought recognizing the top 25 discus throwers would be not accurate due to many top level discus throwers not being able to compete yet. KHSAA Shot Put Top 25 1. Jacob Kehoe Sr. Oldham County- 51'3.75 2. Malachi Lawrence Jr. Manual- 49'1 3. Jackson Smallwood Jr. Grant County- 46'11 4. Keane Mumford Sr. Hopkinsville- 45'6.5 5. Emmanuel Lopez So. Fern Creek- 44'7.75 6. Terrance Packer Sr. Manual- 44'7.5 7. Seth Cartwright Jr. Male- 43'7.5 8. LeAndre Bolen So. McCracken County-43'5.5 9. Ryker Matthews Sr. Eastern- 43'4.75 10. Isaiah Mcfarland Sr. Tates Creek- 42'9 11.Phlip Mathews Sr. Holy Cross- 42'7.75 12. Terrion Thompson Sr. Bowling Green- 42'5.75 13. Jackson Mcdonald Jr. St.Xavier- 42'2 14. Chase Thompson Jr. Marshall County- 42'1.5 15. Wilson Pendletown Jr. Ryle- 41'8.5 16. Trevon Ramsey So. Lloyd Memorial- 41'3.75 17. Austin Coleman Sr. CAL- 40'9.5 18. Lang Touchton Sr. Mason County- 40'9 19. Anthony Jones So. Lexington Christian- 40'7.75 20. Will Gunning Sr. Russell- 40'6.5 21. Austin Gough Jr. Owensboro- 40'6 22. Jacob Sandidge Sr. Larue County- 40'2 23. Mike Wallington Jr. Llyod Memorial- 40'0.25 24. Issac Kern Jr. Bryan Station- 39'1.75 25. Kyron Humphrey Sr. Fleming County- 38'11.75 These rankings come from Athletic Net I feel so bad for all of these athletes but especially the seniors. To have there last season just taken from them is just plain cruel. The memories they could've made will most likely never come. I like to follow Kentucky track and field and being from Oldham County I personally know Jacob Kehoe. He was looking so good here recently and was really hoping to break Oldham County's school record and win State but as of right now that will not happen, its just tragic.
  2. OC has been playing really lights out here recently. They have a legit shot of winning it all this year. I still think they haven’t played a legit contender yet but if they can beat Collins, I think they can beat just about anyone. Still a lot of basketball left to play though.
  3. Oldham County in my opinion must do everything in there power to keep coach Fox. He has flat out turned the program around. In his 3 years of being the head coach he is 24-12. In 2017 OC went 6-5, 2018 10-2 and 2019 8-5. He has taken the Colonels to a further round in the playoffs each year and taken OC to a level of play they haven’t seen since the late 90s. The only thing that I could see in the future that might take him away is if the Trinity job opens up. Not saying that he will get selected for the job but he would definitely be in contintion, with his past history with Trinity.
  4. I don’t know if this is true or not but I heard when they where playing Oldham County that the team was really young and majority of there starters where sophomores and juniors. If that’s the case you would think the school would give him at least one more year to see what they could do when all these players are a whole year older and more mature.
  5. OC vs South is always a good game and always comes down to the wire. Hoping for the same tonight and an OC victory. Give me OC 65 South 63
  6. Oldhams defense is awesome to watch. Can’t wait for the game tomorrow vs Scott County.
  7. There’s still a lot of unknowns for many of these teams. It will be exciting to see what goes down as we go deeper into January.
  8. This is going to be a tough year for OC I think. They lose 23 seniors and most all of them have either started or played since they where sophomores, the 2021 class is small, I think only 8 seniors return from last years team and majority of them didn’t get good minutes this past season. Sam Young is really going to have to take control of this team if they want to do something this year. Of the starters returning there is 4 on both offense and defense. The one thing that is going to hurt them the most Next year is the OL DL play. Only 1 starter returns from both the OL and DL and the rest of the lineman didn’t really get good game time experience. It scares me because there is only two lineman in the upcoming senior class and both play OL. The DL is going to go through a whole new era of players since the last 3 years have been dominated by players like Thomas, Ray, Kehoe and Young. All four of which either started or played on the DL since they where sophomores. It will definitely be in my mind a rebuilding season but the class of 2022 is looking to be special, will see what happens.
  9. Although Oldham County wasn't really in the mix this year for 6A contenders, they basically lose everyone from last years team so I don't see Oldham being at a top level next year but after next year they should be one of 6As best teams especially with Sam Young being at the reigns for his senior season. The dude is a stud at QB.
  10. With football just about to wrap up, many athletes will begin there transition into the track season. Last year as expected Bryan Hudson swept both shot and disc with no one even near competing with him. Unfortunately Bryan tore his ACL and what should have been a record setting year ended up being a year trying to get back to where he was the previous year. This upcoming season will be one of the most wide open seasons we have seen in a while. Bryan the past four years has dominated these two events and his name is right up there as one of the best throwers in Kentucky history. The throwers returning next season are so close together that predicting a winner now or even in may would be foolish Its anyone's game this year, all they have to do is take it. Contenders: Sr. Austin Taylor (Scott County) Shot PR 48-9.5 Discus PR 126-1 Sr. Bryan Back (Manual) Shot PR 49-4 Discus PR 137-9 Sr. Will Gunning (Russel) Shot PR 47-3.5 Discus PR 133-7 Sr. Keane Mumford (Hopkinsville) Shot PR 47-3 Discus PR 136-4 Jr. Tyler Hall (Bardstown) Shot PR 47-10 Discus PR 130-8 Sr. John Collum (Pikeville) Shot PR 46-4 Discus PR 108-2 Sr. Jacob Kehoe (Oldham County) Shot PR 48-6 Disscus PR 121-5 Sr. Ezarious Roller (Boyle County) Shot PR 43-5 Discus PR 162-10 Sr. Isaiah McFarland (Tates Creek) Shot PR 42-4.5 Discus PR 147-5 So. Emmnuel Lopez (Fern Creek) Shot PR 44-10.5 Discus PR 128-4 So. Ethan Rice (Marion County) Shot PR 43-1 Discus PR 145-6 Sr. Jacob Robinson (North Laurel) Shot PR 43-11 Discus PR 151-1 Sr. Jack Pitstick (Covington Catholic) Shot PR 39-10 Discus PR 145-2 Sr. John Young (CAL) Shot PR 48-7 Discus PR Dosent throw Sr. Deroyce Flemons (Paducah Tilghman) Shot PR Dosnt throw Discus PR 171-10 Sr. Malachi Lawrence (Manual) Shot PR 47-1 Discus PR dosnt throw If you think I missed someone feel free to put there names down. This should be an amazing track season, cant wait to get started. Ill see yall on February 1st at the Wildcat Classic.
  11. I think it will be closer than everyone thinks but I still have Trinity coming on top. T 24 OC 13
  12. If you like defensive football, your going to love this game. Both teams like to play hard nose defense and run the ball up your throat, whoever can impose their will on the other will certainly win this game. This will be a nice test to see if Oldham is legit this year or not. Hopefully the colonels will get it done.
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