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  1. I like both of these teams. Fun, high-scoring offenses, and they play with a lot of heart. If South moves the ball & finds open shooters, they're tough to beat. Kelly Niece is a well rounded player with a good shot, strong passing skills and he can penetrate the lane. Both teams will want to score a lot. The team that can step up defensively has the best chance here in my opinion.
  2. I was at the South vs North game last night. In my opinion, the refs took control early in the game by calling alot of fouls on both teams (over 20 fouls in first half) fairly equally. So, the game might have been "choppy" based on the all the stoppage of play. Its disappointing Higdon's high school career ended on a technical, he's an outstanding player. However, in this case, I believe the technical was warranted. What he yelled is unacceptable and should not be allowed. So, I believe that was a "no brainer" and justified. Its unfortunate timing and sad to see his career end that way, but I don't think the ref had a choice.
  3. King of the Bluegrass is going to be a blast! I love the North Oldham vs Bardstown match up as mentioned earlier, watch out for Powell to show why he's a lead Mr Basketball candidate. I also think Collins will have a chip on their shoulder from last year... and will bring their "A" game vs Trinity. I'm a South Oldham fan, so I'd love to see them compete on this stage with Male or anyone else in the field. Fun stuff!
  4. This assessment of the 8th is very well thought out.... and I think its "spot on". In my opinion, the 8th is deeper than any region in the state this year. In year's past, the 6th and 7th have been strong, talented, and very deep. I'm not sure that's the case this year. Seems like I'd put the top 5-6 teams in this region up against the top 5-6 in any region in the state.... this is gonna be fun!
  5. This last post by Cardrule1972 is spot on. I've been watching the 8th region for many years. I think any of these 5 teams can win the region, and any of these teams can beat each other on any given night. Collins clearly has an amazing back court with 2 D1 recruits, North has perhaps the best player in the state, South gets back just about everyone from last year, and Spencer keeps getting better, and better. All have a lot to prove, since last year Walton Verona was the best team in the region. I think the 8th will be the strongest its been in years, and perhaps among the top 2 or 3 regions in the state.
  6. It won't be close... South wins big. This senior class for South is a hard working, talented bunch of kids. They've been playing together a long time, and have a system that's tough to beat.
  7. Male & Cov Cath are really good... maybe separating themselves from a host of other perennial contenders. Trinity does not look strong in the offseason / summer ball... not sure if they're missing some players or not?
  8. I think your write up is spot on. The 8th region is going to be very strong next year. Not only will there be some superstars like you've called out... but, there will also be some emerging underclassmen trying to prove themselves. Lots of talent, with several solid teams competing for the title... should be a lot of fun!
  9. Great atmosphere last night at South! Packed house, students going crazy... high school basketball at its finest - big win for South!
  10. Hats off to Gallatin County! I'm a South Oldham fan. But, Gallatin wanted this win more. They hustled for loose balls, they finished at the rim, they made their free throws when they needed to.... Gallatin is a good team, and they deserved the win! (South needs to step up defensively if they want to compete down the stretch)
  11. Packed house... great energy, amazing shooting, down to the wire! this is what high school basketball is all about!
  12. Dragons trailed most of the game by 6-8 points... kept their heads up... and pulled ahead in the 4th quarter. Smart play & key shots in the 4th quarter sealed this one for South Oldham.
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