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  1. Hard to play a slow paced game if you go in a hole early... Good W for Raiders! Highlands up next
  2. I was referring to other coaches who don’t leave their region and haven’t seen Maddie. Agreed Ryle plays everywhere
  3. I saw an article on twitter yesterday from "Prep Girls Hoops Kentucky" talking about the Race for KY Miss Basketball. The comment was made that "Maddie isnt setting the world on fire individually. and the gap for other candidates is not big." I agree with others on this post that Maddie is on a different level but will coaches around the state vote for her? (some who have never seen her play because they don't leave their region) I certainly hope so given her credentials and capabilities. By the way, according to the KHSAA Riherds website Maddie is averaging 15.8 PPG and 8.8 RPG- seems pretty good against Ryle's schedule.
  4. Highly anticipated 9th region final rematch and I think it answered 2 big questions: - Scherr is easily the best player in the state. -9th region is Ryles to lose.
  5. Macke at 2? You are drinking a lot of blue kool-aid with this one.
  6. If SK has the best post player in NKY then we see something different. She is young and it shows. I would say Drummond’s at Conner is way more polished then her. Remember watching Conner play Male at TMU last year and Drummond put on a clinic in the post against whoever guarded her including Browning. Also SK has the luxury of being in NKY but playing in the 8th. SK is 4th or 5th in the 9th but because they play in the 8th they have a shot at making it to state. Your last point about coaching. I have seen multiple games where the staff literally just gives up. I have never seen this from a varsity coach. Literally things didn’t go well in the first quarter and not one word said or timeouts called the rest of game. I have seen multiple and had parents confirm it has happened also.
  7. Never too early! Its a sports chatter website... who you got Shooter?
  8. Who do you have for your favorites to win state this year? I’m saying SHA, Mercy and Ryle.
  9. Interesting. Did he get demoted from Brown? Saw the Calvary coach is the JV / varsity asst? I thought he had interest in being head coach and with his history in the diocese thought St Henry might be perfect spot for him to start his career as a head coach.
  10. What about Marcus Harris? He had been on a journey coaching in NKY. With Holy Cross when they won state then NDA then was asst at St Henry last year. Never heard anyone say a bad thing about him and players seem to like him.
  11. I saw the coach from Calvary had stepped down but also mentioned something that he was not done and had more news coming soon. Could this be it?
  12. Will Tom still run the Murray Globetrotters weave for half a quarter and tout their exceptional defense like his brother or will he open it up and play some basketball?
  13. Any predictions on how you think Gambrel will do here? How long has she been JV coach?
  14. I don’t think seeding helps them either. Murray was way overmatched in that contest. Foust admitted that they don’t see players like Scherr or Schwartz. But I think they struggle to hang with a lot of the teams there. Murray was a gimmick. Literally stand and hold the ball for minutes at a time and really shorten the game to keep it tight. I also agree about the game against Ryle. If you are a fan or foe of him, what w.
  15. Why would his fiancé leave and follow. If the pattern continues he will take an established program that someone else built, win with players not developed by him then run for the next job when his talent runs out. Within 3 years his fiancé is graduated and he is moving to the next school when they found out he is a scam.
  16. Feel awful for Lawson. She is a great player. I think NDA will make a huge jump next year. They played really well in the region. I think they will make the jump over Dixie. Their guards haven’t improved much over the last couple years. Their individual play seems predictable and haven’t really improved the other parts of their games. For this reason I think NDA will jump ahead of them. With that being said, everyone is still probably chasing Ryle. They will have the best player on the court every single night. Crittenden will be the 2nd best player on the court. I think people really overlook what the Douthit kid does for them. With that said they will have the 3 best guards on the court most nights. They won it all this year without a true post player so no reason to think they can’t play without one next year either.
  17. You say that, but McFarland stepped down and wasn't "booted". Same goes for Niemi who stepped away for an administrative role.
  18. Big win for the Raiders as they move to 3-0 on the season.
  19. Dixie loses 20 points and 8 rebounds a game (McGinn & Perry) and will have the same struggles as their bench failed to impress similar to Ryle's. No teams in the 9th [that I saw] were "deep" this year so I don't anticipate any to be in the 19-20 season as talent is gone all over the place.
  20. Should be another fun year in the 9th region! According to the state website the top teams returners are below: Ryle: Scherr, Crittendon, Douthit Conner: Drummonds, Murphy, Taylor Highlands: Macke, O'Hara, Hinegardner Holy Cross: Thomas, Simpson, Bezold Dixie: Lawson, Lockard, Pelfrey NDA: Bradshaw, Feldman, Aytes NCC: Heck, Turner, Murphy
  21. Couldn’t agree more. I have seen things on here this year talking about Ryle having the players but often being put in a bad spot. I felt players were put in a great spot to win the game from the district tournament run on. The Raiders did what they do, but there were wrinkles thrown in. Douthit face guarding and shutting down best players, press was turned up, really getting out and running. They were a fun team to watch and one of the best NKY and the state will see. Congrats to all of Raider Nation
  22. To me it looked like he was trying to get his starters to foul out. He threw out more garbage defenses then I have ever seen in a game. Triangle and 2 with both players guarding Scherr. When fouling players on Ryle he face guarded the worst free throw shooter on the team (McGregor). Not sure why you wouldn’t want her to have the ball if you are fouling.
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