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  1. Coach has won alot of football games! Congrats on a great career.
  2. Nick Rice is a principle in the Boone District. He would be a solid choice. I hardly doubt he would take the pay cut. Derek Bosse would be the ideal choice but I have heard he is not interested.
  3. True. Most coaches and administrators are usually two different personality types. On one hand, administrators want a coach to come in, take the job, be a disciplinarian, transform boys into men, be father figures, be counselors, win football games, etc. and on the other hand, fail to support the coach while he does those things.
  4. 26 coaches have resigned as of today. Over 10% of KY's football coaches have resigned. This is not a good trend for the high school football in KY.
  5. GC's basketball team has been just as successful at the football program. If Cronin made that money, then the basketball coach ought to be in the top 10, too. I would argue he makes about $100,000 to $150,000.
  6. This is a GREAT job. Independence is one of the largest communities in NKY. SK has indoor and outdoor facilities, average roster size of 75-90 kids, frosh roster of 30-50 kids, and a good booster organization. I think this program has done extremely well over the last 10-15 years. According to your logic, a job is not good unless it is Trinity or X. SK may not ever win a state championship but that does not make it a bad job. I'd expect some very qualified coaches to apply. Good luck to SK.
  7. Marksberry did a fantastic job at SK. If leaving, it is on his terms. Took SK from a BAD program to a very good one.
  8. I am not disagreeing with anyone. I am all for the paying a higher salary for the best candidate. I just don't know how you justify this with the local tax payers. I would argue a band director works with more kids than anyone. What are they getting paid? Coaches are underpaid and have way more influence over a school or community. Most administrators would not want to admit that.
  9. How do you justify this? All head coaches of boys and girls sports are working 52 weeks a year for their programs. The big three sports should be pretty equal IMO. So HHS is going to pay the running back coach or defensive line coach more than the head baseball coach? Head Football Coach: $16,000 Head Basketball Coach: $8276 Head Baseball Coach: $4966 Five assistant football coaches: $6698
  10. Kids (athletes) need to be in school. In Louisville alone, there over 500 students unaccounted for in the Jefferson county school district. This means that over 500 kids have not attended school one day in person or online. This has had a tremendous impact.on our young people, way more than covid itself.
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