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  1. My bet is Marrow stays but I can understand why all of these programs are coming after him. Hands down, one of if not the, best recruiters in the country!
  2. Nice win for the young Eagles in that atmosphere. Should be a fun group to follow for the next couple of years!
  3. I wouldn't say Simon Kenton was a "bad loss." They are top 5 in a tough 8th Region. Campbell seems to be playing better at the right time.
  4. A fluke? Bourbon Co better not hope for a "fluke" come tournament time. :idunno:
  5. This was a well played, back and forth game where the officials let the kids play which is much more enjoyable to watch rather than stopping every trip down the floor. Congrats to both winners and good luck Saturday!
  6. I think for me, not only the CovCath/LaSalle game, but margin of victory for CovCath.
  7. I completely agree with this but to that point, we are in the middle of January and we haven't really seen what was expected from this team. I absolutely do think that they will hit their stride by the end of the month and come tourney time.
  8. I keep seeing all of the "so much upside" talk for Cov Cath. At what point will it be just dominating from start to finish? Not saying that they aren't good because they are and their size is not easy to match up with, but when they play top teams in the state, these slow starts will kill them.
  9. IF they can stay healthy and live up to expectations, I don't see why this team won't be in contention. I do feel that they need to make one more move by Opening Day.
  10. I would think that with being injury prone the past couple seasons, if Miami is telling you they are taking you, you absolutely go.
  11. I think the only thing keeping Mayer from being unanimous is the fact that he is not going to UK. Seems to be a theme that if you are committed to UK and up for this award, it gives you a slight edge.
  12. With the inexperience, outside of Profitt, this team will struggle early but continue to grow and get better night in and night out. They are well coached and will be much improved by year end.
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