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  1. Jeremiah Lee - WR/QB/ATH - Cooper High School Small in stature but the kid is a threat to score every time he touches the ball!
  2. Beechwood/Conner could be a really good 1st round matchup and I think Cooper/St. Henry could also be very interesting as well!
  3. Conner got off to a very quick start going up 9-0 and Cooper could never recover. Would get it to 5 or so and Conner would stretch it back out to 8-10. Great game and congrats to Conner!
  4. If Conner plays like they did last night, I love the Jags chances. Boone gave them everything they wanted for about 3.5 quarters. I expect a great game tomorrow night. Conner may win, but I would not expect it to be by a very big margin.
  5. Jennings hits a 3 with 2 seconds left to give the Jags the win! Great game by both teams! It was a battle. Cooper advances to play Conner in the championship game Friday night at 7:00 PM.
  6. Congrats to Ryle. They were the better team, obviously, and most had little doubt they would win this one. I do want to say, though, that Cooper Girls Basketball is going to be fun to watch over the next few years. The 3 best players on their roster this year were freshman, freshman (tore ACL early in the season), and an 8th grader! This team could be really, really good in two years. Congrats to both teams on representing your school's the right way. Back to the game...Ryle/Conner should be really fun to watch tomorrow night
  7. I've had this feeling that Quickley is going to start sky rocketing on draft boards but at this time he has not. What am I missing? Would love to get him back for a Junior season but right now I hope he can continue to lead the Cats to #9. He is "Quickly" becoming one of my all time favorite Wildcats...see what I did there?
  8. From what I have heard I think that all four will be started at the end of the 2020 season.
  9. 8th grade quarterfinals tonight at Gray. 4:30 Turkeyfoot vs Ockerman-Turkeyfoot beat Ockerman earlier in the season 5:30 Camp Ernst vs. Campbell County-CC bested CEMS last Thursday to end the regular season 6:30 IHM vs Highlands -Highlands looks to be the clear favorite to win it all 7:30 Conner vs Pius- Pius has been playing some good ball down the stretch. Should be some good games!
  10. Times may change due to some scheduling conflicts but this is what was sent out this morning. 7 Girls Bracket 2019 - 20.pdf 6 Girls Bracket 2019 - 20.pdf 6 Boys Bracket 2019 - 20.pdf 7 Boys Bracket 2019 - 20.pdf 8 Boys Bracket 2019 - 20.pdf 8 Girls Bracket 2019 - 20.pdf
  11. Once I receive the brackets and standings tonight/early tomorrow morning I will be happy to post.
  12. Although seeded games have been completed for the most part, my guess brackets won't come out until Friday and then will be revised three or four times due to scheduling conflicts.
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