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  1. Boyd doesn’t play much on varsity. JV yes but I think he has played freshman all year. BW is a small school so they don’t have a ton of kids to choose. Plus the more kids play the better in my opinion. Boyd is a good player but it’s not like he is some super stud that only plays freshman in certain games. I think he has actually played better in JV games than he has in freshman games.
  2. Starks will be a very good high school player but I don’t think he will translate to D1. I don’t think he will get much taller than he is now and he is not athletic enough to be a small forward or shooting guard. I have said for a while he should play football. His prospects down the road will be better in football than in basketball in my opinion. He would be a beast of a tight end.
  3. Not really sure. I think they have games on the same day with teams that have two teams. I know Mason and Moeller have two teams. The Blue team plays all the GCL schools and the white team will play GCL teams who have two teams and then other teams around the area outside the GCL. Moeller does the same. St X plays Cov Cath later in the year but not sure which team they will send. Beechwood also will play one of the Moeller teams.
  4. I was told this was against the St X B team but still a good win for the Tigers. Apparently the St X A team is loaded and have 8 guys 6’3” or taller. 2 guys 6’6” and another 6’7”. The A team is undefeated and the closest game they have had was like 25. They have won 7 games by more than 30 and 4 by more than 40.
  5. I believe he is at Walton now playing varsity and a Freshman, unless there is another who is in 8th grade.
  6. I don’t think Stinson was that accurate, he seemed to miss a lot, but the running game for Mayfield was a killer for Beechwood. They just couldn’t stop it.
  7. Congratulations to Mayfield. Always tough, talented and well coached. They have kept Beechwood out of a bunch of state games. I am sure we will see a lot of Beechwood vs. Mayfield moving forward in the coming years. Good luck next week.
  8. BW looks to have adjusted. Dropping 8 and asking the Mayfield QB to run and he doesn’t seem to like that. Second half could get interesting.
  9. I would say those are decent teams but not on the same level as teams BW has played. I will stick to BW being the best team they will have played. I believe BW will also be the most well coached team they will have played. This game could go either way.
  10. Yeah ok. So you think Mayfield is better than Cov Cath? BW hung with Cov Cath the first half. Mayfield will not put up 50 on BW. My guess is this BW team will be the best team Mayfield has played this year. Buckle up.
  11. It would be a bonus if Beechwood could get pressure on the QB, but they have not done that much this year and Mayfield doesn’t seem to allow much pressure on the QB. It’s going to be really tough for Beechwood but the defense has been stingy lately against the run and they do seem to cover well. I definitely think Beechwood can put up a lot of points, so if they can limit the big play and force a couple of turnovers, they can pull the upset.
  12. I agree. I know Noel Rash has struggled with Mayfield, has Beechwood ever beat Mayfield?
  13. They were not young. The QB was young but everyone else was all pretty much seniors. They lose a lot on the o line, the running back their top receivers and their best d linemen, linebackers and safety.
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