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  1. Ok, but why is it wrong? Also, is it wrong for a coach to have conversations about their program with parents that are not in their district if the parents are the ones that established communication first? Just would like your perspective.
  2. I completely agree with rules that are in place or need to be in place. I realize there are situations that may run along a lot of grey area. I guess my biggest point in all these posts is that the parents need to do the legwork and find the best school and program fit for their kid. As posted before a lot of different families have different order of priorities, as they should. I just don't think that families should be handcuffed by address not allowing them to be in the right place. Nor do I believe that coaches should feel they can't go to Middle School games or speak with parents when approached by them. I understand and agree with the coaches should not be initiating conversations in the middle of a Middle School league game or Tournament. I feel like a lot of the issues people have end up being selfish reasons. Maybe a really good player decided to go to a different school, and they were expected to be able to coach them. Or other players/parents were counting on a kid, but he/she ended up going to a better situation for them, and the people the kid left behind feel betrayed, and causes hard feelings. I understand all of it, but wish people could look at both sides.
  3. So the coach, when approached by the parent is supposed to say to the parent. It was really nice talking to you about your son/daughter, good luck in the future, but because you live in a certain area you are bound by your address, and I shouldn't allow you to come to my school even though you may want to. Not going to happen. And absolutely shouldn't happen.
  4. I have no problem either way, as long as the parents/guardians are equipped with the information that allows them to put the kid into the best situation to succeed. That could be different based on a million variables, and a list of priorities can vary between decision makers. What is important to me, may not be as important to you. For people to call foul on programs that have coaches that are proactive and giving parents reasons to consider their programs just doesn't make sense to me. Even if the reasons are selfish one's doesn't mean that giving a kid and his/her parents an opportunity to think about what is important to them and creates positive conversations at home that might not otherwise been had. Maybe I am getting a little too deep here. And yes this is high school, and considering where to go to HS can be a huge decision in the development of a 14-18 year old. Very influential period of time, I think we all would agree. Also, yes I am mainly meaning athletics here, but I have played for good coaches and bad coaches and I understand the positive influence a good coach can have and the negative influence a bad coach can have. If there is a school that, in my opinion has a coach that isn't up to my particular standards, why should my kid be made to attend that school. Or, maybe that same school in my district has a tremendous coach, but my kid is a good athlete, but won't be in the starting 5 or main contributor until they are a senior. Would it be more beneficial to play for another coach that may be as influential and an opportunity to contribute for a longer time? Here is where the variables start flowing and where the parents have to make the decision based on priorities and/or individual needs. My apologies for the lengthy responses and preaching.
  5. As a parent of 2 kids that have been blessed with a little athletic ability. I would welcome the coaches to my kids middle school games and speak with me about their programs. This, so I can be armed with all the information that helps me make a decision for HS that creates the best situation/opportunity for them. I realize that the coaches may have ulterior motives, but that is for me to decipher. After all it is supposed to be all about the kids and creating the opportunities or situations that will help them succeed. While I believe that the school and education has to be the top priority, athletics can shape the character of a person that lasts a lifetime. I do understand that I am speaking mostly about those that have the means to attend private/parochial schools, as public schools clearly have lines and territories that they are governed by, and kids are limited by their address. However, I never understood why a kid that goes to a private middle school has the mindset that they must attend that middle school's natural feeder if there is a different HS that provides them a better situation. If the coaches don't make themselves available, I may not be able to get all the correct information to help me make a life altering HS decision. That being said, the kids are resilient and in most cases they end up figuring things out no matter where they are at, but that doesn't mean I will stop trying to support them the best way I know how. So coaches if you are listening, you are invited to my kids middle school games, would love to hear what you have to say.
  6. You obviously have an issue with the kid, and you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you might need to get more information before making those opinions public. It seems like you have made a lot of assumptions, and are not familiar with the details of the situation. I have no idea about Middle Schools, and the lack of going to High Schools, but from the outside looking in, I can't imagine the possibility where Scott would be a better situation for the Meyer kid than Holy Cross. So if your issue is kids moving around from a school that they didn't even attend, then I can't help you. I have seen him play though, and I am a fan. I am looking forward to watching him over the next few years no matter where he is, including playing in college when he is done with HS.
  7. Talent overall in the senior class may be down as far as D1 talent, but the future is bright. The talent level that is in the 2023 is stunning. Over the next four seasons it will be fun to watch.
  8. I was reading the Posts under the "How stacked is the 2024 class". Are these still holding up? Has anyone else emerged to be a dominant 8th grader? Any 8th grader's playing a lot of JV/V min.?
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