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  1. Ludlow had a lot of second half wins this season. Kudos to the Panthers!
  2. I do not know their names. One left on a stretcher (appeared coherent) and another in a sling. Doesn’t matter who I’m rooting for, I hate to see anyone out of the game we all love.
  3. There’s nothing quite like Ludlow on Homecoming night! Prayers to the injured Bellevue players. Godspeed for a quick recovery.
  4. With some discipline Ludlow would be a heck of a ball team. Too many penalties and they seem to come out with less gusto in the second half. Their record should be a lot better than it is and they tend to beat themselves. All in all was fun game tonight.
  5. Youngblood's description exactly matches my son's schedule with the exception of Saturday (mandatory film and conditioning). Sunday's are off. Which I am grateful for, as this is the only family time we get in football season
  6. Ludlow @ Carroll Co tonight 8/12 7:30
  7. Put a floating laminate floor in my basement back in December. A friend of ours lives with us and has a basement apartment of sorts. He is handicapped and in a wheelchair. Love the ease of cleaning and so far has held up to my two large dogs and his chair. I also feel like it looks like I paid more than I did. Granted, hardwood was not an option in the basement.
  8. I'd love to know this also though I'd imagine it would be difficult to put a percentage on this. I know the first few years the middle school programs were put in place our numbers were low with the Spartans. They have not put a Senior team on the field in 4 or 5 years. Junior and Midget numbers are recovering. Slow but steady increase in numbers the past 3 years on average. Recently there seems to be a spike in the number of 6th and 7th graders that are first timers on the football field.
  9. I believe the school should have announced something to keep the rumor mill from churning. A principal being escorted from the premises warrants some type of communication. Clearly, some things have been agreed upon or his name has been cleared with his return to school. I am glad for both Mr. Raleigh and BCHS students. I have never met Mr. Raleigh so I can't speak myself for his character. Never a complaint from my BCHS graduate or current student there. I agree I should not have posted the above based on the student body rumor mill. Innocent until proven guilty....
  10. Gastrocnemius (calf muscle) tear was my worst. I would have rather given birth to all three of my children all over (and I went natural with all three). The scenario was the best part. We live at the top of a hill. My son runs that hill as part of his football training. Here I am, 34 years old, and I challenge him to a race. Four steps in I hear a rip and a pop and went down in the yard like I had been shot. Needless to say he won the race and I lost a little dignity crawling back up the hill. The lesson? If you are over 30, always stretch first kids!
  11. My daughter got herself into some trouble her Freshman year. Mr. Floyd called me to the school. Overall he seemed like a wonderful person. I appreciated his sincerity to me as a parent and the way he still treated my daughter with respect even when she was in the wrong.
  12. Red Devils won the Junior Youth game, Spartans won the Junior game.
  13. My daughter is a student there. According to the student body rumor mill (obviously not the most reliable) it was an investigation regarding missing school funds. However, Mr. Raleigh returned to school today.
  14. Been waiting for this since last November. Good luck to SK and all the other teams on safe and successful seasons!
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