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  1. Ludlow had a lot of second half wins this season. Kudos to the Panthers!
  2. I do not know their names. One left on a stretcher (appeared coherent) and another in a sling. Doesn’t matter who I’m rooting for, I hate to see anyone out of the game we all love.
  3. There’s nothing quite like Ludlow on Homecoming night! Prayers to the injured Bellevue players. Godspeed for a quick recovery.
  4. With some discipline Ludlow would be a heck of a ball team. Too many penalties and they seem to come out with less gusto in the second half. Their record should be a lot better than it is and they tend to beat themselves. All in all was fun game tonight.
  5. Youngblood's description exactly matches my son's schedule with the exception of Saturday (mandatory film and conditioning). Sunday's are off. Which I am grateful for, as this is the only family time we get in football season
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