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  1. I think this year's Jay Cutler is the Rowe kid at the University of Nevada, Jeff Rowe, I think it is. 6'5" 225lbs can run and throw, to me, this kid is the best pure pro-ready q.b. in the country right now. Woodson has made great strides but he's waaaaay back in the pack right now. I think Brohm will need one more year again after missing much of the season, but he will be sitting pretty next season for some big time post season awards if he comes back. Quinn will be the glamour draft pick no doubt and Carson Palmer's little brother will get a lot of strong looks out of UTEP due to his size and pedigree. He's too prone to the int, but in the right system at the next level, he could turn into a nice prospect. I also think Drew Stanton of MSU will have a very good pro career once he gets away from John L. He's got as much talent as any qb in the country.
  2. San Diego State is in the Mountain West Conference and it is D1. The University of San Diego is a "non scholarship" D1AA program that plays in the same conference as Dayton, Morehead, etc. They're building a pretty strong program under Jim Harbaugh and it's one of the prettiest college settings you'll ever see.
  3. What a great, great story! Just goes to show not to give up in this sport.
  4. I don't know who is going to win this game, but I can't help from thinking that home field advantage will play a huge part in it. I do know this, it will be one of those snot knockers of a game.
  5. Rock-is the Switzer kid still around for T? Can't remember if he graduated or not. If he's still playing, I'm assuming he's a senior this year? Is he getting any looks if he's still there? If not, where did he go? thanks
  6. http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/sports/14804899.htm
  7. http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/sports/14606594.htm
  8. A few years back, the last time the girls team won the state prior to these past 2 years, the boys 8th grade team use to scrimmage them quite a bit. Now this was LexCath's boys 8th grade team and they would beat the girls pretty bad. I'm talking 25-30 points bad. That girls team was not quite up to par as this team maybe, but they were still pretty dang good. We thought it would help the boys more than the girls, but it just the other way around. That boys team was pretty talented to say the least, but, never the less, they were just 8th graders.
  9. doubt if it's on the paper's web site, so I quote; "CovCath has the cleverest, best choreographed student fans in the Sweet 16. They should give tips to UK's E-Rupp-tion Zone on how to entertain a crowd and support their team."
  10. BR- you're right! You deserve to hear how it really went down with these girls at LC. A few years ago, LC sent out about 24 scouts around the state- Big Willy, Slimy Sammy and Halfcourt Hank just to name a few. Well, they had these large duffle bags just full of nike products, cash and scholarship papers. Their only job was to find the best girl basketball players around the state and get them to LC. Well, after they gave them all of this stuff, the girls were all brought to the school, where they met with the coaches in this back, private room we have there- no windows, dark lighting and all and then the deal was made. They were told if they all came to LC, it would be free, they could win and dominate the state and all sign college basketball scholarships. Well, all of that happened and now you know the rest of the story.
  11. HHSDad- congrats! You must be very, very proud of him. If you head out to AFA, look at staying at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort- it's very cool. By the way, have you've seen "Codebreakers" yet on ESPN?
  12. there are no freshman listed on their roster. Doss started for the J.V. team at corner and I'm pretty sure he dressed for a couple of varsity games this year. There is one listed as a freshman, but it's a mistake, he's actually a junior.
  13. That's right, kd. According to my sources, Doss hosted Ellison while on his visit to AF. Glad it worked out for this young man to attend the Academy- from what I know about it, it's a tough, grueling first couple of months. I do know the awards outweigh the risks though. If a young man or woman graduates from AF or one of the other Service Academies, they're in pretty good shape for the rest of their lives. As for football, the Acadamies do things a little differently. They are not limited to the amount of football recruits they can bring in- so they could have well over a 100 kids coming in as freshman- which some will attend the prep schools and the others will mostly play J.V. football for their first year. It's quite an honor for any Freshman to dress, much less play. Usually after the first full season, they will "cut" the kids who don't offer much to the programs and get the team down to a manageble size for winter workouts and spring ball- then do it all over again next year. I would add that they have some of the best facilities you'll ever see. If you get a chance to see any of the Service Academies, do it.
  14. A part of me wants to come on here and say "BG was terrible" from what I saw last Saturday. They had size, but I sure didn't see any speed, I thought they were undisciplined and they sure didn't take care of the ball on Saturday for such a huge game. I also thought there q.b.'s were very limited in their abilities. There's also part of me that wants to say that LexCath exposed every, and I mean EVERY, weakness they had. Something no other team in the west did or could do. Along with the fact that BG just did not face any good football teams, with the exception of St.X early on. There's also a part of me that wants to remember a ball game back in 1999 that BG was clearly a top ranked, very respected team, with a boat load of talent and a stud middle line backer named Reynolds. LexCath beat them that night as bad or worse than last Sat. So, part of me wants to say some teams just have another team's number. As of right now, LexCath just has BG's number. So, therefore, a part of me says that the LexCath coaching staff just had a better plan to win the state championship this past Sat. A part of me wants to agree with the "wheels coming off theory", but BG had plenty of chances early on to stop LexCath from blowing the game wide open just like they did- i.e., taking care of the football. Part of me wishes Coach Wallace would let Coach Bishop install some sort of passing game and start looking for a dual threat q.b. so this doesn't happen to BG again which has led me to thinking so much about this ballgame. I like BG and have a great amount of respect for the history of their program, but they got BLASTED by a very good LexCath team in the state championships. So, part of me wants to say that.
  15. I remember a game way back in 2000 during the second round of the 2A playoffs when LexCath had to travel all the way up to Flatwoods and take on a very rough, tough, down right ornery Russell team. It was cold, rainy, muddy, sloppy field, hostile, packed crowd and they were playing a very, very good football team with an outstanding coaching staff who was also trying to take a big step that year for their football team. That game came down to a last second, 4th down pass in overtime to win it, 26-20, for LexCath and to march on with a battle with Boyle County in one of the best high schools games ever. Boyle-18, LexCath-16.
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