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  1. This is wrong Somerset/LCA winner will have to play mayfield in the semifinals not in the championship the new bracket is west half of the state vs the East half of the state the RPI definitely matters there seems to be a lot of confusion on this if anyone wants to clear anything up the khsaa has the complete brackets listed on their site the brackets are set the only question is the location after the second round remains to be settled
  2. Hazard has a big time field goal kicker with a big time leg he kicked a 49 yard field goal in the first half
  3. Wrong about them going to school in another building they went the entire year at cordia the cafeteria was all that was damaged. The meals were catered in and it was business as usual.
  4. I will have to say the Estill Co. band is second to none that train song they do is incredible it sounds much better in person the video doesn't really do it justice I have actually been looking for that on YouTube and can't find it do you think you could find a good head on video showing the led lighted instrument and all really cool!
  5. The semis look good I think Cordia vs Perry in finals Cordia wins!
  6. I typed to Rod earlier today he still talks to the players daily he is happy.
  7. Cordia has got better and better as the season has gone on. I knew the first of the season Cordia would loose several game but by season end they will be good they are too athletic not to be. They just needed to learn to play together.
  8. I wouldn't trust those clowns at the KHSAA to seed anything the ones that would get the best seed is the schools that will grease That big fat hog that runs the show at the Khsaa. Boo Hoo for the big schools. In the big picture if you ain't first your last all that matters is winning a title the best team wins if the top 2 teams play in the first round the best team wins. Runner up is the first looser. Lol!!
  9. For one this should not be Called the all A classic. It is not a class A tournament. It is actually a 3 A tournament. About half the schools in the state compete in it. As far as the khsaa sponsoring it that's like saying does the KHSAA sponsor the lake Cumberland classic.
  10. The word I heard today was they are planning to move them to the old hindman high school and finish the year out as cordia. They found the damage about 2 weeks before school started and a contractor did a temporary fix and it passed inspection. Now they say it is un fit. This is all about the charter school issue. KDE does not want charter schools in Kentucky. If the school has been approved to have school in since the beginning of school then why has it all of a sudden changed? The animal droppings they we we referring to were either Bat of mouse in the attic. Under the AC unit. As far as the sprinkler system and the back up generator cordia is the only school in the county that has either. I don't see that as being a issue the fire alarm works!
  11. Man this is a game Cordia gave away they lead a big part of the game. Cordia was up 1 with 30 seconds to go and threw the ball away on the inbounds. I actually though they would loose this game they did not have their starting point guard Darian Pringle. His mom took him back to New York for a death in the family he will actually miss the next 3 games.
  12. They have a hearing January 20 I think they are in a dispute with the insurance company they don't want to cover the damage. The law office has taken it pro bono they must think they will win.
  13. They do practice there quiet a bit but the kids hate playing there. They asked the coach if they could play the game at Knott Co Central.
  14. Cordia does have a coach this year that is pretty well connected political in Perry co and is very well liked by pretty much everyone he knows all the referees and coaches and gets along with most everyone. The kids like him really well. I think he will change the perception of the way people look at them.
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