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  1. Now that is what I call a Distinguished portfolio piece.
  2. Chris has also played at EKU for two years. He played WR one year and DB one year before he decided he would rather coach as play football on the college level. I am sure he picked up some valuable skills while playing under Roy Kidd.
  3. They should have worked a little harder and then they would have been 30-0
  4. Coach Poynter is used to dealing with adversity in other jobs and struggling to get what he has needed. I am sure he will handle the situation at Bourbon Co. Best of luck old friend!
  5. What is the hold up about hiring a new coach?
  6. Glad you remembered that game. I do too. It was great. Got the Rock to State Finals.
  7. Well, home field does matter and Highlands is not invincible. I remember the 2002 game at Rockcastle when Rock destroyed Highlands I think 48-7 and had the clock running in the 2nd half. It can be done at JC too.
  8. Somerset is a young team. This makes two weeks straight that a bunch of 14 year olds had to play a bunch of 18 year olds. Sometimes you have to take a few lickings, but work hard and you will get better.
  9. Bell is always ready in case you didn't know can't wait for the rivalry to start but it will have to wait next year. Bell has bigger fish to fry right now. Good luck and see you next season.:thumb: The Black Bears have bigger fish to fry too. Not even thinking about Bell Co right now.
  10. There is no logical reason to pick Harlan Co. in this game. Breathitt Co. has a great football team and tradition. A lot being said on here is wishful thinking. I believe it could be anybody's win. It will come down to who makes the least mistakes. Harlan Co. defense needs to continue the physical game but at the same time be athletic enough to cover the pass and option.
  11. Harlan Co. needs to stay focused on their district games. Breathitt Co. and Estill Co. will both be tough games. One advanage for Harlan Co. is having both at home this year. Don't even be thinking past the district or even past the next game. Football titles are won by winning one game at a time. A lot of luck and being pretty good when the big games get here is the key for any football team.
  12. Because it is in the middle of a 2 year cycle. Rose Hill will begin at the beginning of a new 2 year cycle. It would be ok to put Harlan Co in 5A and let Letcher Central, Perry Central, Clay CO, N.Laurel, and Whitley Co drop one of their opponents with a year left on their contract, but I don't believe thoe schools would like that either.
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