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  1. I think Harrison gets back on the winning side of things this week.
  2. Belfry's running game really got going against Bryan Station. I simply don't see NCC being able to control the LOS and slow down that run attack.
  3. Until someone knocks off Boyle....they're #1 in my book. I think Central is #2 with Corbin a very close 3rd. Lex Cath appears to be improved over the last two years and IMO, the jury is still out on Belfry. The postseason road trips could prove to be the fly in Boyle's ointment....but I've not seen any real chink in their armour to this point. It's early. Their O-line will get better. However.....I don't think their depth is as strong as I originally thought. An untimely injury could put a lot of these teams...including Boyle in harms way.
  4. I still feel Boyle is the prohibitive favorite....with Central and maybe Corbin a close 2nd/3rd. Belfry is a work in progress. Going to be an interesting season without a doubt
  5. Belfry's offense looked much improved with the return of starting QB Avery Browning last Friday against Bryan Station. Don't see NCC being able to slow down the Pirates at home. Belfry by 28+
  6. It's a lot closer than you think. Youth football participation numbers have been steadily on the decline for the past several years. Granted, some of those kids may indeed begin playing ball at the high school level.....but the vast majority will not. Baseball, at one time was this country's favorite pastime. Then football come on like a freight train. But, erosion starts at the youth level. It happened in baseball....and it's happening in football.
  7. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. The tip of the proverbial iceberg. Over the next three years, I'll predict right now, that football numbers will continue to see a marked drop in participation. Youth participation numbers are on a sharp decline. Middle school numbers are down virtually every where. In Central and North Central KY alone, there are no less than 5-8 programs that can't field a 7th grade team. Folks, reality is here. Football IS ON THE DECLINE. Gonna be a bumpy ride.
  8. I'm saying that most will tell you that sports has become too intertwined in the educational process, and that many view it as a hindrance overall. Many will tell you that, not only is it a drain on school resources, but they would openly welcome the elimination of many club and team sports....including football. Financially, virtually all HS sports programs are dogs in terms of making money. They don't. Monies end up being pulled from the general fund much of the time. Certainly, there are programs that are successful enough and that interest is high enough, that financially, they support themselves AND support many other non revenue sports. But for every school that has that type of program, there are 6-8 schools are literally lose money. If not for Booster clubs, many of the school sponsored sports would have already been eliminated due to the financial drain. I for one, don't want to see these changes. Unfortunately, from everything I'm hearing.....there are coming at some point. I've not even mentioned the whole "transgender issue" that is afoot in this country. Believe me, school administrators are keenly aware of the unbelievable cost that could potentially come with this issue.
  9. Sorry folks.....but some of ya'll are fooling yourself. School systems "tolerate" sports....they don't embrace them. 90% of the high level administrators will tell you the same thing. Yeah, there is money to be made....but it pales in comparison to what is spent. I'm not saying that all high school sports will be impacted....but, the landscape is changing.
  10. You're gonna see more and more of this. High School sports as we have known them for decades is changing. IMO, football will be impacted. Maybe not as much as other sports, but impacted nonetheless.
  11. So how did Bardstown look? I heard that Harrison dominated that scrimmage?? is that accurate? Just curious. If so, does Harrison look that much improved, coming off an 0-10 year, albeit now with Ray Graham at the helm.
  12. The West should be wide open....but I don't think anyone other there can or will challenge the top 4
  13. I do think Boyle is the best in the class. Wide range of talent, speed and athleticism. All that being said, IMO, their depth is a question mark. An injury or two, could be very problematic. I think Central is solidly 2nd with Belfry and Corbin fighting it out for the 3rd spot. IMO, Corbin will miss Sizemore a lot more than they realize. Hard to replace his field leadership. Belfry is the fly in the ointment IMO. They have some big holes to fill. But, if they advance into November and Boyle has to make the long 4 1/2 hour drive....that could be a game changer. Interested to see how it plays out......
  14. This is just the beginning. Over the next several years, we're gonna see more and more schools folding their programs. Not gonna be limited to just football....
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