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  1. There is something up with Cal imo. Seems very early to offer this kid imo. 2 years from now with the transfers and recruits a lot of moving parts on a roster.
  2. I prefer natural grass, but turf solves a lot of problems. With Football (high/middle/youth) , boys/girls soccer it puts lot of strain on a natural field.
  3. Yeah I heard that as well. Only makes sense considering he left a HC job to be an assistant.
  4. Taylor County assistant is what I've heard. Not sure how accurate that information is however.
  5. I understand 100% what you are saying. But I just can't see Boley going to LCA to be 2nd string. But time will tell how it all plays out.
  6. But just because they accepted them into their district, would that mean they HAVE to let them play? Or would it be a way they could deny them?
  7. Do you believe each school would take it as a case by case basis? Or they would either have to accept or decline ALL transfer?
  8. I agree doesn't really seem to add up. Doesn't seem that low numbers would get a coached fired who just want a district championship and went to Regional Final.
  9. I agree hard to compare coaches on just numbers. A lot more would go into picking the best coach IMO.
  10. Last year they beat those district teams in the regular season. It can be done at Russell with the right guy in place. I do agree French will get it if he wants the job.
  11. I agree very winnable district and they've had success under Sharp. Even last season they were 6-1 although they lost in the 1st round of the playoffs. Also seemed that Sharp always keep solid numbers as well.
  12. Actually the Jet sweep on the first play was ran away from him. With his frame he could easily put on 20-25 lbs and get to 250. I'm projecting him filling out when I say play DL at the next level. I can't see him playing DB in college. He does come up field to much at times and can be trapped, but college coaches will fix that.
  13. Yes he reclassified. Not really sure why because I'm sure he is getting D1 looks right now. As good as he is at FB he is a better D Lineman IMO. He dominates the game up front.
  14. I heard family/wife wasn't happy with him taking the job. Honestly I figured he would have took back over at Edmonson when Smith left. Barren isn't a horrible job IMO.
  15. I agree I think a lot will depend on the type of offense Foley decides to run this year. It seems he floated between the spread, which is what he is accustomed to running, and Bone which the kids ran with Hilton.
  16. If the kid tramsfer I would assume it would be out of state to a prep school. From what I've gather is he left BG because of the coach leaving. And the AAU season and playing for Team USA has his name out there, but I think it's more about getting challenged each game.
  17. Taylor County is probably around 5 or so in the region with Irvin would be my guess. Without him they would probably drop around 10 imo. I was shocked they won region last year. Depending on how Irvin injury I could see Taylor County not even making the regional tournament.
  18. Doubt Cov Catholic would be able to compete on a year to year basis. Cov Catholic team was beat last year in the playoffs by Fern Creek. DeSales beat Fern Creek.
  19. MS has had a great season, but I just don't think they have anything for Cov Catholic.
  20. They Davis kid is legit and Beechwood controlled both L.O.S
  21. So this game will be played on Campbellsville High School campus for sure? I thought they might of played it at the University on the turf.
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