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  1. 5-Corbin 3-Manuel 3-Simon Kenton 1-Paintsville 1-Campbellsville 1-Bardstown 1-Scott County 1-McCracken County 1-Nelson County 1-Allen County-Scottsville TB-62
  2. 5-Pikeville 3-Eminence 3-Elizabethtown 1-Bethlehem 1-Caldwell Co 1-Marion Co 1-Somerset 1-Russell 1-McCracken Co 1-Taylor Co TB-27
  3. 5-Bethlehem 3-KCD 3-Casey County 1-Newport 1-Russell 1-Central 1-Manual 1-Hopkinsville 1-Elizabethtown 1-Calloway County TB-73
  4. 5-South Warren 3-Scott County 3-Fern Creek 1-Berea 1-Madison Southern 1-Raceland 1-Corbin 1-Central 1-Trinity 1-DeSales TB-56
  5. 5-Scott County 3-Boyle County 3-Trinity 1-Meade County 1-Taft (OH) 1-Newport Catholic 1-Russell 1-Bardstown 1-Franklin-Simpsom 1-Logan County TB-76
  6. 5-Trinity 3-Boyle County 3-Western Hills 1-Wayne County 1-St. Xavier 1-Logan County 1-Scott County 1-Belfry 1-Ashland 1-Shelby County TB-46
  7. 5-Lexington Catholic 3-Paintsville 3-KCD 1-Central Hardin 1-Crittenden Co. 1-Fern Creek 1-Southwestern 1-Anderson Co. 1-Conner 1-East Carter TB-67
  8. 5-St. Xavier 3-Somerset 3-Hopkinsville 1-Scott County 1-Owensboro Catholic 1-Taylor County 1-Anderson County 1-North Hardin 1-Fern Creek 1-Russell TB-31
  9. Campbellsville North Bullitt Central Boyle County Pleasure Ridge Park Edmonson County
  10. 5 Manuel 3 Hazard 3 Trinity 1 Bowling Green 1 Owensboro 1 Raceland 1 Johnson Central 1 Knoxville Catholic 1 Lloyd Memorial 1 Butler TB 51
  11. Frederick Douglass Owensboro Bullitt Central Southern Metcalfe County Scott County
  12. 5-Trinity 3-South Warren 3-Danville 1-KCD 1-Caldwell County 1-South Oldham 1-Pulaski County 1-Central 1-Ashland 1-Tilghman TB-43
  13. Was told Bethlehem reopened their coaching search and hired 2013 grad Jordan Cooper-Livers as head coach.
  14. 5-St. Xavier (KY) 3-Manual 3-Tilghman 1-Lloyd Memorial 1-Southwestern 1-Glasgow 1-Warren East 1-Belfry 1-Corbin 1-Apollo TB-37
  15. 7-Frankfort 5-Knott Central 3-Corbin 2-Morgan County 1-Belfry TB-Knott Central
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