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  1. I agree I think a lot will depend on the type of offense Foley decides to run this year. It seems he floated between the spread, which is what he is accustomed to running, and Bone which the kids ran with Hilton.
  2. If the kid tramsfer I would assume it would be out of state to a prep school. From what I've gather is he left BG because of the coach leaving. And the AAU season and playing for Team USA has his name out there, but I think it's more about getting challenged each game.
  3. Taylor County is probably around 5 or so in the region with Irvin would be my guess. Without him they would probably drop around 10 imo. I was shocked they won region last year. Depending on how Irvin injury I could see Taylor County not even making the regional tournament.
  4. Doubt Cov Catholic would be able to compete on a year to year basis. Cov Catholic team was beat last year in the playoffs by Fern Creek. DeSales beat Fern Creek.
  5. MS has had a great season, but I just don't think they have anything for Cov Catholic.
  6. They Davis kid is legit and Beechwood controlled both L.O.S
  7. So this game will be played on Campbellsville High School campus for sure? I thought they might of played it at the University on the turf.
  8. Beechwood has twice the number of players as Cville. Cville has had a very good run but I'm afraid it comes to an end Friday.
  9. I like the idea of cutting down to 4 or 5 classes and taking the top 16 in that class for the tournament. Then you can go the way of NCAA basketball and have an NIT tournament with those other teams. Or you can go like NCAA football and after the 4 playoffs teams go with bowl games. The bowl games you would have to have sponser, but it would be a way to maybe give some of those lower level teams something to work for on a year-to-year basis.
  10. Cville played a very tough non distrct slate for a 1A team. They seem to be coming together nicely as the year has moved forward. I like Cville to win but the concern I have with them is depth. If CC plays several guys and are able to wear them down it could be a long night for the Eagles.
  11. CAL wins but I think Etown keeps it somewhat close, 14 points or less. This is Etown year to make some noise
  12. No sleepers in 2A, IMO it's just so top heavy. Glasgow has a very good team but will be matched up with DeSales/CAL in the 2nd round, then play the other in the Regional championship, then mayfield in semi and Danville in finals. That would take putting 4 almost flawless games together. Truthfully it's not many schools in the entire state who could put that together in back to back to back to back weeks.
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