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  1. I definitely appreciate the updates. Keep em coming.
  2. I like them. It keeps the defense honest and gives your future opponents more to prepare for.
  3. Thanks. I was just curious how strong of a win that was.
  4. I'd say Holy Cross has to like their class since they landed that big OT that every college team wants.
  5. US Lacrosse has all of the camp listings on their website but in Ky they have 2 listed for girls. KCD-July 9th-12th NKU- July 11th-14th
  6. If it's anything like football in metro Atlanta it can be tons. Sometimes you have to keep the parents happy with what you're doing to improve their son and sometimes you have their handlers who aren't happy that they aren't being brought in on every little detail. Plus lots more.
  7. Thanks. We're going to have to order some new ones for our team this year but I think we're just going to go with some white Rs.
  8. I'd love to know where you got those. The cheapest I can find some are around $130.
  9. It's only an option down here because of a non profit organization hooks must of the Atlanta area up. Thankfully they exist or my junior program probably wouldn't to be honest.
  10. Just curious, but I'm assuming he was also the coach at Trinity?
  11. You would only need to worry about the condition of the helmets. Almost all of our junior program kids rent their equipment each season. Otherwise we would probably not be able to have a junior program due to the cost.
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