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  1. This game will come down to execution, and will depend on who makes the least mistakes and takes care of the football. Looking at schedule neither team over achieved, so with added pressure tonight lets see who can come up big and make the plays.
  2. Congrats to the ADs. Tale of two halves, Monroe throwing a pick six in the 1st half but still kept it together and managed a halftime lead. Then 2nd half 4 turnovers in the third will do any one in. On another note from the Washington Co. game i remember #7 being to focal point of the offense had several carries and catches, along with a fine defensive player, did not seem like he was much involved i am guessing there is more to this. In the end a great game the ads took advantage of the turnovers, and came out with a large yet deceiving victory. Congrats to both teams on a great season!!!
  3. Glasgow needs a week to get healthy, they should handle Knox pretty easy.
  4. Look for Green to win, not only this game but maybe 2 or 3
  5. I think this score will shock people Friday night.
  6. The game really doesn't matter other than it put a little pep in Loan Oak for there game this Friday. Also gives Green Co. a moral victory after chocking in the final minutes at Glasgow other than that its just a Win and a LOSS.
  7. We will see how Monroe can handle speed which they will see in the up coming weeks
  8. Green Off Tough loss Should be a little tell tell on how they can bounce back..... LONE OAK by 14
  9. Tell of two Halves ... Glasgow Big play 1st half... Green Wore them down 2nd half to make it a amazing finish... Who ever can find there Defense between now and playoffs will make the difference.
  10. 7 Bowling green 5 Allen co. 3 Christan Co 2Apollo 1Marshall County TB Allen co.
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