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  1. Congratulations Drew! It's great to witness the success of such a hardworking and intelligent young man.
  2. Congratulations! It will be nice to see a few of you playing together again.
  3. They only need to beat the team they play tonight to put themselves in the SK history books. Each team deserves their individual place.
  4. Congratulations! One more game every game out.:clap:
  5. Congrats to Austin...great player and even a better person!!
  6. I believe he was coaching the boys when the WV girls won the region in 2011 and 2012.
  7. 0 turnovers in the last 4 games, all be it in limited play as stated.
  8. Mason County on Momday will provide a good stress test
  9. That would be disappointing. Would like to see Mason Co and SK play every year.
  10. Carr was not with GC. SK beat Turpin by 4
  11. That would be your opinion. I don't agree with your opinion. I do believe its their decision to make. The family will decide what's right/wrong or best for their situation.
  12. They actually played together last year as well.
  13. The previous WV coach was far from Mike Rice. No comparison what so ever.
  14. These three boys played in the same AAU organization but not for the Boone JV coach. They played for Dave Moeves and myself.
  15. Varsity players: I know who these kids played for: Aaron Floyd Played for me Brenden Stanley Played for Moeves Junior Stockwell Played for me
  16. Why is the first assumption that the kids or parents feel they are not being treated fairly? That is not what I've observed at all in the situations I've been exposed to.
  17. You asked for my opinion and that is my opinion. The family is the only party that can present the truth, that is their call not mine.
  18. The truth is between the family and the KHSAA. My discussion is to the KHSAA rule. I believe it has a preventive impact to families making such decisions. It would be a shame for kids to lose the experience of playing high school sports because of such moves or families not making the move and staying just so they can play high school sports. As far as credibility on this sight, so be it.
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