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  1. Lawrence is a good player, he does a lot of good things for his team on the field. But he really needs to work on not throwing off his back foot.
  2. Congrats to SK! They brought the house every play and HC didn't have an answer. SK's defense is very quick and shut down the WR screens, I don't understand why HC didn't attack the middle of the field when SK blited their LB's.
  3. This was not the same HC team. Their best player left in the 2nd quarter of the Conner game due to injury and didn't play against SK last night.
  4. Scott County is on a roll and a very dangerous team right now. I look for them to play Male in the semis. They should handle CH easily 35-7.
  5. Who cares where where T or X get their kids, bottom line is to be the best you have to beat the best. You don't see the Ohio schools crying about the private schools and where they are getting their players.
  6. HC D pitched a shut out the second half in the 1st meeting, but it was fumble by HC at SK's 18 yard line late in the game that sealed the deal for SK.
  7. I don't believe Miller is faster than Lawrence, it's that Miller has great vision and can cut on a dime and hit open field. Much like Miles Simpson of SK LY. This should be a fun game to watch, whoever limits turnovers will win.
  8. Roman, you're right about the crowd. Conner had more fans there than HC. Not much local support for high school football except for the 1st home game and Senior night. As far as the game, Conner had some costly interceptions and a fumble that just killed them, or this game may have had a different outcome. HC lost #6 with an injury in the second quarter which really hurt HC's defense.
  9. Conner better figure out a way to stop #6 for HC. If they don't, it will be a long night for Conner's QB.
  10. TC has been bitten by the injury bug and academic issues. I look for SK to win 49-7.
  11. Ok, I believe that all reasonable people on here agree that T will win 6A this year and possibly next. But who will they face in BG for the title this year?
  12. Ryle puts this one away in the 1st half. Raiders 56-7
  13. Well if you can't get into a 56-0 game, maybe you're not a very good footbal player and need to choose another sport.
  14. Hey Gold, what schools are looking at Cory Rodgers besides EKU? I was very impressed with the way he played against HC.
  15. I watch this Dunbar team play in the ihigh frenzy, and they have a few kids that have some talent. But HC's overall team speed will be too much for the Bulldogs. HC 48-21.
  16. No Gold, HC had two missing against Station, and a WR, who was out for 3 games, BS, GRC, MC, came back for the TC game last Friday.
  17. This HC team is not the same offensive team that lost to BC and SK. But you're right Strong, HC won't be able to outscore teams that have a good defense.
  18. This was the first time this year that HC has had all players available. Every game they have been missing one or two players due to suspension or injury. But I can tell you that this HC offense is more explosive with Miller at QB.
  19. If TC defeats HC, who would get the 1,2,and 3 seeds in the district? I'm looking for many points in this contest, HC wins 48-42.
  20. #13 is Vinny Miller, junior and #9 is Blake Green, senior.
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