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  1. I don't think so. Once you hold a title you no longer have moral victories.
  2. The future looks bright for the young Jackets!! Scroggins must have his team believing that they can play with anybody.
  3. The future sure looks bright for Central!!! On Monday the JV win 15-14 and Thursday the Freshman win 18-6. I'm not sure the last time (if ever) that this has happened. Scroggings and his staff seem to have them on the right track.
  4. If Lafayette had 2 shots from the 1 yard line it doesn't sound like the refs cost them the game. IMO
  5. Lou. Central Yellow Jackets
  6. If I remember correctly they have a strong spoh. class and a bunch of studs coming in. They should be back on top again in 3a.
  7. UK pretty much had Tim all along. Kragthrope lost this kid. Before this season Patterson was die hard UL. Coach Strong fought hard to get him but Joker did an excellent job. Congrats Tim.
  8. Tim Patterson will choose between Louisville and Kentucky
  9. Farmer wold be a good fit for Male. But would be worried if I was Farmer. I believe Doss fired or did not renew the last coach who went looking for a new job.
  10. Tim will more than likely commit to a D1 school but will be a prop until he gets his grades up. But he will have to do so very quickly. No matter how good he is, the school is not going to wait for ever for him to get it together. Good luck Tim where ever you go and with rehab.
  11. Patterson is waiting until the last minute. He has not committed
  12. I said it earlier in the year that ST. Xis going to be tough to beat. They have a ton of speed to go along with strength and size plus depth. They should go ahead and UPS the trophy to Poplar Level Rd. Good Luck Tigers.
  13. Central just keeps finding away to win with all of the injuries racking up. This is a true sign of a champion. They played a total of 10 freshmen according to their roster. If this is supposed to be the Central team that is not as good as years past, then you better look out for the future. Playing all of these young guys only make them tougher. There is about 8 of the seniors who have played in over 45 games. Experience is one thing that the Jackets have.
  14. If everything plays out we could have a re-match of 2007 in the semi's PT by 7
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