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  1. I cant remember the kids name but #4 for F.S. was one of the most exciting players to watch in the finals this weekend. I dont know the exact number of rushing yards he had but many of his yards came after contact. He put the ball on the ground several times but he was very fun to watch with the rock in his hands. I would say he had over 150 by himself! Congrats Highlands.
  2. Carter was not the issue at Jackson County and issues that are holding the program back are being shown now! Look for the new coach to be Russ Shear that coached at Cumberland College. Russ will do a fine job and hopefully he is given the necessary tools and support needed to continue the growth of this young program that started 14 kids this year that had never started a varsity football game. When you give a man one assistant coach, no support, no means or even slight glimpse of support. The kids know this and it will push them away. Not to mention, when he first arrived the discipline and lack there-of was terrible. Now lets look at the program from a broader perspective. Ya, they lost a lot of games. But the program NOW has a solid foundation where it counts (WITH THE KIDS). Very discipline group and have been taught and understand the game, with what they have to present on the field of play. They play as hard as any coach would expect out of their players and they do it with class. So, with what the man was given I thought he done as much as anyone would have done under the circumstances involved in the situation.
  3. Turnovers killed the Bobcats. Had a chance to take the lead 7-0, 1st and goal at the 8 and fumbled. They never recovered. Centrals 1st score came on a fumble return.
  4. Congradulations to Coach Scenters and staff and the rest of the Lions crew on a very successful season. Now its time to bring a Regional Championship back to Lancaster.
  5. Good friend and good coach, I dont know how he coaches now but he use to be very intense when he coached LBs back in the day at UC. Always like that intensity and most players enjoy playing for a coach with that type energy.
  6. You see them beating Bell at Bell in the 2nd round? Interesting.
  7. Lots of schools will barely break even after the split and travel expenses are taken out, some will possibly lose money!!!!!!
  8. This could be 1 of the better 1st round games in my opinion. Could come down to the last possession. LC 28 WC 21
  9. Correct late hit after the whistle. So it was a dead ball foul, marked off 15 yards then it was 1st and 10. The previous play resulted in a 1st down.
  10. Live by the sword die by the sword that is the bear crawler defense to a T. You may run 6 plays for no gain then 2 for 80. Just the way it works.
  11. Guys that is the same defense as Rock, NL and Wayne Co. if you get to the second level you are gone if you have any speed. That is just the nature of the beast always has been always will be. HC held scoreless in 2nd half. Bell had 2 RB's over 100 yds and QB with 80. Nice win Bobcats!!! Have not been beat by a Mountain team since 2006
  12. Can't Compare scores. Perry Cent beat Knox Rock beat PCC Knox killed Rock MCC is really, really bad. They have zero coaching. They have some talent but can't line-up right. JC should win they have a few decent players and an advantage in coaching.
  13. I have a buddy that Coaches at Bell and he said this was the worst MCC team he has seen and that is saying something. I watched the game as well but not sure how this years team matches up to the last few years at MCC but they sure looked bad, real bad. Bell worked on some things or would have scored 70 in the first half. Not sure about Jackson but I imagine they would have a good shot of winning comfortably. JC 21 MCC 7
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