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  1. You don't know him, he don't know the truth. Call last year coach that resigned, he can fill you in.
  2. LOL. 23 wins. No. Chance. Ill do so research. One winning season. Take the job back , You left the program in a mess. You left for Somerset worry about them. OR. Take the program back and finish destroying the program. Your the one to blame . You blame and point fingers at everyone else, Go look in the mirror and you can see the person the is to blame YOU. Fans were happy you were at Somerset this season. Please stay there next season. Case closed.
  3. The basketball coach does not hate football. Cellking is jealous of him! The Basketball coach support Coach Smith the last 3 years. .The probably with Mccreary football is the administration allowed gay to coach 18 years with 1 winning season. The one winning season thank Aaron Watts.
  4. If they make it to the finals, Southwestern will Make it 7-2. Southwestern has a easy trip to the finals .
  5. I agree Southwestern in the finals....... The top bracket has a tough trip to the finals...
  6. Heartbreaker don't have a clue. Just tries to start rumors. Cellking is just a jealous man, Worry about your jumpers, They will be happy your gone in a few more games, just like the raider fans are.
  7. Hearing the same ! Heard Gay turned down the Kentucky and Tenn. job. Very interested in the Danville job.
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