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  1. Very incorrect statement..........but my statement was that hopefully the bench could expand. Absolutely no reference to any one who should or should not be playing.. I DO HOPE that the bench can expand as the season progresses. It would help the varsity one would assume IF some of the sophomores, who I know have some basketball talent, show the ability to help the team. Perhaps that is a sentence that is structured better for you.
  2. Really surprised that SG lost in first round. They have been playing so well up to that point. Anybody know what happened to them? Or did St. Pat's do something different this time around?
  3. Hopefully as the season progresses Highlands is able to expand on the bench. Lots of talent in that soph. class from I can recall, but not seeing many of those names in the box score just yet.
  4. As of two years ago he was teaching classes n the Radio/TV/Film Department and actually was doing a really good job of it.
  5. In all honesty what does this have to do with the issue at hand? Now not that anybody cares what my opinion is on this but I really see no advantage to playing in this event.........IF it was a one day event with lets say 6 Cincinnati schools playing 6 out of state schools at PBS now that would be a really nice event. As it stands I see no reason why anyone would play in this. Without having seen the contracts, etc why would anyone give up a home game for this event? I am not familiar with all the Highlands animosity towards Mr. Gamble but that aside there is no reason to play in this.
  6. Yesh he certainly has been a little snake bit for a few years. The bad thing is the injury that he had to his shoulder that has kept him out of baseball for a few years was healthy enough and he was having a very successful baseball season at 14u. Now the ligament damage.......UGH!!!! Hopefully he wil recover on schedule or a little early!!!!!!!:thumb:
  7. Well acclamation is a valid point. You can see teams from areas that do not have that type of heat have many more struggles then lets say a team from the South. Keeping kids hydrated and in the shade I have seen much more success with this than letting them go back to a hotel room and lying around in the air conditioning. Again nothing scientific just observations.
  8. Unless wrong info was given heat index was around actual temp. But your point is well taken. In hind sight tournament should have moved the games from 3;30 to evening.
  9. Very true about both of them. When are these games played? Who do they play against?
  10. The appearance you are giving is you just have an ax to grind against Coach Walls and have no basis for this comment. Please elaborate...:confused:
  11. Summer basketball scores while interesting are never a good gauge of how a team really matches up against another team. Too many variables.
  12. Not sure what happened but the Silver Grove players received a very heart felt text from Caoch Walls tonight as he has resigned as boys basketball coach. Obviously something happened to cause this abrupt resignation. I will say he was a very hard worker who put players first. Although a young coach, over the past two seasons you could start to see him make discipline inroads and become a better X and O coach. Not sure what happened but I think this is really a blow to the program which has some young talent that just needs very strong direction; which in my humble opinion Coach Walls was getting a real handle on. He even coached the freshman team this season to make sure they understood what he wanted players to do as varsity players. Although he and I (well not really me but someone close to me (ha ha) butted heads on occasion, that person by the end of this season was even coming around and seeing that he indeed was a positive influence on the kids on and off the court.
  13. Clyde good points. I assume Mr. Zimmerman having been the AD is very familiar with Bob, his demeanor and coaching style. Nothing like an issue like this to begin your principal ship with IF in fact a decision has to be made.
  14. My kids have been around him since they were in coach pitch and he is a great teacher of the game and demands you play correctly. No problem with that!!!!!
  15. For what reason? I have heard absolutely nothing that would lend itself to make this remotely true. Please elaborate!
  16. Well..........from a student's perspective I doubt they care whether Ron Dawn (who should be greatly repsected for everything he has done and continues to do) is on the KHSAA Board of Director's or not. And obviously there were things that precipitated the student issue(s) that involved both parents on the NCC side and students on the Highlands side. The fact that the Highlands students had a student section speaks volumes for the support they were willing to lend the upstart Bluebirds in their run through the district and regional tournament. Also, I thought it lent itself to a more tournament type atmopsphere...........Nice job!!!!!
  17. Uh....now I agree that teh dugout name is a little weird but I am sure they had some reason. :idunno: But of all the coaches in Northern Ky. the guys coaching at Beechwood (Myerhoff, Baioni, and Booth) are the last ones that are concerned about parental pressure and playing certain kids over others. They are their to win!
  18. I believe it was the senior awards dinner and scholarship banquet. Does not excuse the lack of foresight to try and change the schedule as the baseball coaches did in this district. Once the seniors vacated the game, does Bellevue not have enough underclassmen to put nine players on the field? Even if they played JV during the season? Should Bellevue be responsible for refunding purchased tickets if a person has a ticket to show they were indeed at the game? Where is the Bellevue AD in all of this? NO team should be "taking votes" and making decisions without prior knowledge of the AD. If this was done with his knowledge that is unacceptable on his part. If it was doen behind his back......well.......I think a change in the program is in order.
  19. In a hard fought game the Big Trains pulled out the victory. Sophomore Zach Louden pitched a complete game shutout striking out nine and giving up only a couple of hits. Trent Rudd senior pitcher for Calvary blew through the first two innings only allowing one runner ( a walk to 8th grader Briley Seiter). He was taken out and played third to begin the third inning and Silver Grove was able to put up five runs over the next three innings. HItting leaders for the Grove included doubles by Dallas Dunaway and Billy Miller and a 1-3 performance from senior third basemen Ben Davis and a 1-2 with 2 BB from short stop Briley Seiter.
  20. ???? Seeding was only voted on for ONE sport and that was baseball so not sure what that has to do with anything in this thread??
  21. All he did was post the score......is this not a correct score? Not like he made comments about Brossart knocking off Lexington Catholic or pretending that they beat a team at full strength. This was a varsity game and he posted the score "dude." Not really sure why this is an issue...................
  22. Looks like NCC wins the crown with a win over Dixie. I believe Greg Crawford pitched a complete game shutout with 9 K's to propel the Breds to the victory. Was not there so if that is not correct someone please correct me.
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