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  1. Honest question here since I have not seen Male or Lafayette this season. What makes the 2015 Male so much different from the 2013 Male who got beat by two touchdowns by Scott County after winning the Louisville region? I have not seen Male this year but their offensive play calling used to be completely different from Trinity.
  2. Chuck has a lot of ties to people in Richmond his old Boyle County Principal is now the superintendent of the Madison County Schools and I believe the head principal at Madison Central was either an assistant principal or also the head principal at Boyle County High School for a short period when Chuck Smith was there. Madison Central wants him bad and Chuck may take it or like I said may have turned it down by now because I'm quite sure it was offered to him 2 or 3 weeks ago and nothing has happened yet. As far as a private school Chuck only needs 5-7 years to retire from the KTRS so if he went to Trinity or Lexington Catholic then he would have to go back to retire after his stent at the private school or basically give up on retiring which financially would not be smart for the rest of his life. It would make much more sense for him to go to a public school for whatever the number of years he would need and then if he wants to coach at a private school after that he can double dip and stay as long as he wants if that's what he wants to do.
  3. You may know more than me about Chuck Smith but the rumor going around Richmond is he turned it down. I may be 100% wrong on that but I will say it is taking a while for Madison Central to hire a coach and Chuck Smith could have taken the job several weeks ago by now. Chuck Smith would not end up at Trinity in my opinion as of yet he needs a few more years in the public school to retire.
  4. I would like to hear your opinion on this gametime since you mentioned AAU. The rumor going around Richmond when Madison Central was at the state tournament is that Dominique's recruitment by big time college teams was hurt because he was not in AAU as much during the summer because he played football for Madison Central. I have no idea if this is true or not so I'm asking, is College basketball recruiting putting more emphasis on AAU compared to your high school team?
  5. The rule that needs to be changed is a personal foul should be an automatic first down. What is stopping a kid on 4th and goal from the 2 who thinks I can't tackle the runningback coming right at me from scoring so I will grab his face mask and yank him down and the only penalty is half the distance to the goal which is a yard and replay the down and the runningback could be injured in the process.
  6. After seeing both in person this year, I am leaning towards Harlan County. I was at the Cooper Franklin game and I was very impressed with how Cooper played on the defensive side of the ball. They had the type of Defensive back skill kids to run with Franklin and make them earn their offense instead of getting big chunks. Harlan is also a team that can put up big points on just about anyone. Harlan can score a lot of points and I would expect Harlan to score in the 24-28 range on Cooper. Cooper is kind of a small team up front and Harlan has some big boys especially in their backfield. Big and can run. #52 is a monster for Harlan at blocking and especially at Linebacker. I would think at some point Cooper will have to go to a more passing attack to beat Harlan because running their fullback and quarterback will be hard on Harlan. They will not run up and down the field on Harlan like they did Franklin. My score is 28-21 Harlan County.
  7. I'm not saying this is correct. But I'm just making an educated guess. I'm guessing Conners head coach was thinkng "Franklin County scores a touchdown every 3 plays or so, what does it matter if we tackle them at the 30 yard line on a kickoff, or we onside it and they get it at the 50. We either onside and get the ball or we give them a touchdown. If I kick it deep we will just give them a touchdown on a kickoff return or in a couple of plays." I'm not saying this is right or I may just be making this up in my head but I have a feeling this line of thought was going through Conners head coach's head.
  8. I also hate hearing the idea "its ok in basketball because everyone plays in their district." Thats fine but the last time I checked the districts in basketball are pretty close to one another. Normally at the farthest the next county over. I know in Richmond 44th district is all in Madison County. In football we have teams like Etown going to Bell County. Basketball coaches/fans would think a little bit differently about the basketball set up if they had to drive 4 hours to the district tournament.
  9. People on here need to look closely at Harlan County before they start planning a state championship game with Bowling Green. Harlan County has home field through out the playoffs and is a VERY good football team right now. If I had to make a pick on who is going to the finals, I think it is up in the air with Franklin County, Conner, South Oldham, Cooper, but I would lean towards Harlan County right now going to the finals. I've seen Franklin County and Harlan County in person and I would lean towards Harlan County in that match up in a close ball game.
  10. Yea, I would agree with that. He titled it so far to the west, Harlan County doesn't even count in 5A anymore.
  11. I've seen Quick in person as well and he is a monster. If I was comparing the two Quick is bigger and more physical. I know some people on here may not believe this but Timmons is a little bit faster. He is a kid who catches a 5 yard slant and no one lays a hand on him. Makes crazy looking one handed catches from fades down the sideline. He's a show. I'm biased for UK but if UK could land this kid and players from Trinity with the quarterback from Highlands coming in, this state will put a good college football team together down the road.
  12. Now I'm not the smartest so if you are being sarcastic then I appologize. But in the 100 meters as stated before Timmons won the 2A state championship and tied for 2nd in all of the classes only behind a kid from Ballard. I'm not putting down anyone from Trinity so if one of them wins Mr. Football I won't have a problem. But on the flip side I hope some people from around the state can see Timmons play and at least be open minded enough about him to watch his skills instead of where he or who he plays against. Trinity also has a lot better players all around him, maybe the best offensive system in the country. Ryan is playing for a team who has never won anything big in Franklin County and I don't want to say a one man show but if you took him away from Franklin County, it would crush them. Just hope people can keep an open mind about him and don't just look at the jersey's and look who is in them as well.
  13. After seeing Trinity's team in person all those kids mentioned will have a shot at Mr. Football. But if their is one kid I have seen in person who could possibly beat all three it would be Ryan Timmons. I hope some people from around the state louisville, northern kentucky and other see some film on him or see this kid in person. I figured up his stats at one point in the season. It was numbers I had never heard of before. I can't exactly remember what they were but after game 8 or 9 he had over 30 touchdowns with only touching the ball 70 plus times. It was an average of over 40% times he touched the ball he scored a touchdown roughly. I had heard UK had offered him but I'm not sure. If they don't they will miss the boat on a special player.
  14. Have not seen a score posted on the KHSAA website and haven't seen a score on here. Just wondering what was the final last night? Anyone attend the game and know the score?
  15. Anderson County Boone County Glasgow Owensboro Catholic Breathitt County Campbellsville
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