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  1. Cov Cath hands down will be the favorite in the 9th. Anyone else on here can say otherwise but they return their entire lineup. Question is will this season end for them like the team that was suppose to win it all 4 years ago?
  2. Well, they are the obvious favorites but don't count out Mullins. Great coach and great person!
  3. Yes, Mullins is the new head coach for St. Henry. Look for them to possibly win their district this year.
  4. Name in the last 6 years who has gone to Major D1 schools on scholarships that are skilled players. I'll list a few for you since I'm sure your mind can only come up with Bluebirds. The obvious, Towles, Bruns, Collinsworth, Pike, Elliot, Simpson, Murray (Ryle). That's all that I can come up with in the last 5/6 years. Four of those are this year. So prior to this year where there's 4, there has only been 3 in the last 5 years. So, I believe I'm accurate in saying as you put it, "nearly extint".
  5. I don't think Sheehan could hold Collinsworth's jock when it comes to speed.
  6. There's no doubt CCH will be the team to beat in the 9th. Everyone returns and is a year older. TOG, are those official ERA's or are they your watered down ones? :lol:JK
  7. I heard he isn't pitching this year. Heard since he's signed with EKU, he doesn't want to hurt his arm. Boone should be fairly deep with Stanley, Ganns, Schwartz, and Barickman. I even believe there's someone else I'm missing.
  8. Well actually one if you look at the criteria I stated above. QB's don't count. I was primarily focused on positions where speed is a crucial factor.
  9. AND he received a D1 Scholarship to a Big 12 school! I have seen him " live on Friday night" and he's fast relative to the speed that is here in NKY. Is he as fast as the Collinsworth kid who went to ND? How many skilled players (WR, RB, CB, S) get D1 scholarships out of NKY? Not many. Probably 4 or 5 in last 6 or so years. Speed!!!!! It's not here in NKY. Sure there are a few here and there but not like other places.
  10. But he went to a D1 school on scholarship. He also was the equivalent to KY's Mr Football his senior year in high school. Was Sheehan Mr. Football? Was he even considered? Again you're comparing apples and oranges. I wish him the best but when you start comparing him to a top NFL player, I have a problem. With that being said, he's a nice high school football player.
  11. I'm pretty sure all those guys are 4.3 to 4.4 guys. My whole point is...he would've been offered if he's as good as you think he is. Obviously those schools stayed off of him for a reason. I don't know his 40 time or what kind of hands he has. Best of luck to him wherever he goes.
  12. Don't try and compare Sheehan to Welker. Just because he's 5'9" doesn't mean he's in the same league. Welker was the Oklahoma state player of the year his senior year in high school. I think you're comparing apples and oranges. Just because I'm 5'3" and play basketball, don't compare me to Mugsy Bogues.:eek:
  13. I think he's a little small for OSU. JMO. He should probably think about EKU or smaller schools.
  14. Maybe the kid from Boone County did, but Vocke played for Erlanger Lions in the NKYFL.
  15. Taylor Smith from BW should have a nice year. If I recall, he beat both Boone and NCC last year.
  16. No question about adapting a system to the talent; however, in years past the coaches always said they didn't have a TE or FB but I totally disagree looking at the players they have had over the last 5-6 years. I guess they didn't want to develop those types of players.
  17. I don't understand. He is not getting a full ride from EKU and some on here what Ohio State to show him 'love' and give him a scholarship. Wow! There is a slight difference between the two schools. He should probably go where he's going to get some money.
  18. Curious to see if Brossart continues with 3-5 defense and if he remains a spread guy on offense. He ran his offense when he was in OH and at CCH. Personally, I would like to see him run some TE sets with a fullback. He needs to change mentality of finesse football and get them kids believing in smash mouth football. JMO.
  19. NCC went from a spread offense to a wing T style offense. Didn't seem to hurt them.
  20. And Bellevue Independent public school, Ludlow Independent, etc....
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