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  1. What is the criteria used to judge Mr. Baseball?
  2. Never got started. I wonder if they'll play it tomorrow. Does anyone know when the make up is?
  3. Great win by Ludlow. Stansberry and Smallwood, some have told me are 1a and 1b for Dixie. I heard Stansberry threw a great game but the defense didn't back him up and obviously the offense didn't help him as well. Dixie only scored 1 on a HR I believe and the other run was balked in. I'm sure they'll meet again in the District Tourney.
  4. No, but they saw more competition in the tourney's they played down state. Remember, you had to come from behind to beat BW in bottom of 7th with 2 outs! And obviously the competition was a little tough for you down in the All A since you were 10 runned against LCA.:sssh:
  5. How do you figure HC's post season depends on a coin flip? I believe BW beat HC in the district play and HC still hasn't seen Smith. I think coin flip or not your in trouble.
  6. Since BW has posted all their other games, I would assume that KHSAA has made an oversight. I don't believe the AD would have purposely sent all other home games and not the CCH game. Ridiculous, IMO, for CCH fans to even question. :irked:
  7. Actually, he pitched to the 9th, 1st, and 2nd hitters. The ninth batter tried bunting and he struck out #1 and #2 batters. Although Bertke throws very well for being only a sophomore, Smith definitely threw harder. Can't wait to see Bertke when he's a senior. By the way, this was a great game to watch. Very few errors. I think one on each of the SS. HC's run was unearned and one of BW's runs was unearned. Overall, a great high school game.
  8. Coop, he jump turned and threw to third. Had he thrown to second, he would have been alright. Obviously, Sportsblog is a HC fan.
  9. First off, Beechwood's pitcher came to a set position, stepped off the back of the rubber and faked a throw to first. Ump calls a balk. Elementary call. Blew it! Next, with runners at 1st and 2nd, Holy Cross' left handed pitcher comes to set, looks at runner at second then looks home. Runner on second takes off, trying to get a jump. Pitcher jumped turns and throws to third. Should be a balk, since can't throw to an unoccupied base without stepping off. Wasn't called. These are a few of the many calls he blew. His strike zone was terrible for both sides. Very inconsistent and not only that, he ducked/flinched on a lot of pitches. Travesty that the kids don't get better.
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