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  1. Your are correct, Huesman did indeed throw 14 pitches in relief of Walsh; however, you are incorrect on Walsh's number of pitches. He had 115 thru 6 innings and then threw 7 pitches to one batter in 7th inning who happened to hit a double. We can go back and forth on this but even your funky math of 112 this early in the season is tooooo many.
  2. Why does your page say you are in the class of 2012?
  3. Walsh did pitch well, but I was surprised to see him throw 125 pitches this early in the season. Especiallly how cold it was.
  4. They won't do anything anyway. I know for a fact the year Maile's team (09 I believe) was beaten by BW in the Regional, a few of those players didn't pay full tuition. I heard in inner circles the shortstops father claiming he put that team together, that he paid for a few of them to go there so they could win a state championship. Heck one of the freshman football players that same year was on a full scholarship. He went to BW thru 8th grade, was recruited out of Spartans football to go to CCH, went there freshman year and came back to BW his sophomore year. Notifying the KHSAA does nothing. Heck, NCC had a kid transfer in halfway thru his senior year since he was kicked out of his previous school and still played baseball that year. Since they don't enforce the rules on a consistent basis, they should just get rid of them in the state, IMO.
  5. I was acting and speaking on the information given to me as well. Obviously we see things differently.
  6. Just like to send out a congratulations to all the Juggs! Nice win, now take care of business in the regional tourney. JD must be extremely proud and has every reason to be!
  7. I do know football and it still would be a blow out; however, this won't matter to you because you'll believe what your going to believe. By the way, I think this thread was about Colerain football until someone else brought up HHS, BW , Trinity, and St. X. So let's get back on track.
  8. The kid from Woodford lived with his dad in Fort Mitchell. My own kid visited him there so get your facts straight. Vocke came his freshman year and pays tuition. There are many who come to BW and pay tuition. Its a great academic school. Some play football, some are in the band, some play other sports, and others just want a better education. We don't however go out and actively recruit. Your probably getting your supposed facts from a former BW fan and now a hater. He needs to wake up. I have a personal friend over at the boys club in Cincy who told me about Koz. I personally asked Koz and he admitted to me. So go blow smoke elsewhere. And there is a significant difference when people live out of district and pay tuition then when kids come from out of state. That is against rules unless they move to your state/district. Don't worry, KHSAA won't do anything anyways.
  9. Well, I do know my facts. Scruggs was a second hand fact from a parent, didn't see it with my own eyes. Koz going to Avondale....fact, seen it with my own eyes. Before you make blanket statements about the affairs of HHS or BW, come with some facts of your own. I can't speak to what happens at X and Trinity because I live here in NKY, but then again, maybe you can.
  10. Don't get all high on the hog because you finally made it to Dec. Years past, you were hanging 'em up a week or two into the playoffs. You better pray that the KHSAA doesn't go back to 4 classes! And I know it burns a hole deeeeep in you to yet again lose to BW and by 43 big ones!!!! Especially since you supposedly had a team that many HC people said was more athletic than BW. I guess you forgot about it since it's a yearly occurrence:sssh:
  11. I don't think their ability to instruct kids is somehow related to them committing an infraction of high school athletic rules. I don't think we really now what transpired; leave it at that. About hiring them, they probably are very good coaches who got overzealous in getting a kid into their program. Heck UK hired someone who had infractions at two other schools.
  12. I got it from a parent of a kid at HC about Scruggs. I know for a fact Koz was going to the Boys club over in Avondale and recruiting. It's weird you're not refuting the Cincinnati basketball player. Maybe one of these years you'll get enough recruits to make up that 43 points from this year!:lol:
  13. I think if anyone should be concerned at any NKY school, it would be Holy Cross. Doesn't one of their basketball players live in Cincinnati? I know he's ranked over there. And what about the Scruggs kid from Holmes who is working out with the HC football team?
  14. Before you start making accusations, you better know your facts!
  15. I believe both are suspended for 2012 season. I'm not sure where you're seeing one comes back before practice starts.
  16. I've seen alot more revos and speeds come off over the last few years than any of the older VSR's. I think some has to do with improper fitting of chin straps.
  17. He's maybe 6'2", but a nice sized kid nonetheless.
  18. So, according to rule 4, when a team kicks an onside kick, the receiving team can go get the ball before it travels 10 yards without being hit by kicking team? I'm assuming 'the plane of receiving team's line' to be 10 yards. Secondly, what was changed about below-the-waist blocks?
  19. Like I've said in many previous posts.......Berger is the MAN!!!
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